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Struck a nerveMy message is to Butch Mazzuca for his article on restaurants, and mine is “Way to go, Butch.” I’ve been in this valley and in the restaurant business for 24 years now, and I just want to thank Butch for his article. Yes, you are so right about the management being responsible for the service to begin with. But on the other hand, how about the customer? I believe everyone should have to wait tables in a restaurant for at least a week in their lives. I once had a customer who pulled me aside and told me how awesome I was as a waitress, and that he would have never been able to shrug a woman’s insult that was just not called for at all because he would have used some foul language. People have to realize that people get sick, some just aren’t meant to be, and yes the manager’s attitude can ruin a waitress’ great attitude and customers need to realize that a lot of the servers do work 40 hours at a full-time job and then come to work another six to eight hours, and they’ve already had to deal with attitude. Also, the customers who call in to a busy restaurant with over $20 in to go orders need to get the real picture. These people who answer the phone are usually bartenders or waitresses and are very busy, and they have to pack up the orders while they’re still making drinks, waiting on customers, and then you come in and tip nothing. What’s up with that? To-go orders are harder than dealing with rude people. Going out to dinner, you should have a pleasant attitude. Would you ever treat your mom the way you treat your server? Didn’t your mom feed you and serve you when she was tired and not appreciated? Why can’t everyone just appreciate every day and be thankful they are able to afford going out to dinner. Did you ever think about those people that can’t afford a can of peas? Maybe you should think about that and think about relaxation. Thanks again, Butch. Waitress in the valley.Going publicKevin Hammond’s letter to the editor on Saturday, Dec. 25, seemed a bit foolish to me. I wonder if he had ever asked his supervisor some of the questions that he was asking in his three-column letter to the editor. There are appropriate ways to go through things in a corporate structure, and I doubt that Mr. Hammond has done that process. I also wonder how long he has worked for Vail because I would guess that he has either not made the connections that he needs to make to make changes within the system or he does not know how to, or doesn’t really even wish to. You don’t air your dirty laundry in public. You take it behind closed doors, you get it worked out, and then if you can’t get it worked out. Only then do you consider putting it into a newspaper on Christmas Day. Shame on you, Kevin Hammond.What, no pic?You usually run a picture as long as I’ve lived here, and that’s a long time, after New Year’s on Bridge Street, on New Year’s Day, and there’s no picture today. …Vail, Colorado

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