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Just handle parking

I’ve seen a lot of press lately about Vail’s “new dawn” and redevelopment of Lionshead, the VVI building, all the buildings that are going to be developed, going to get bigger. I don’t really have any comment on that. I hope they keep it tasteful, is all I can really say. The other thing that I really think needs to be addressed is you know if they’re talking about 60,000 or 600,000 square feet at Crossroads. Whatever it is, we need to address parking. Obviously that’s a big issue in Vail and in the whole Valley, and I think that these large projects should have ample parking and it shouldn’t be left for the Frontage Road or somewhere else to absorb. No matter what kind of convention center or redevelopment we do, if there’s cars between the people driving down I-70 and the new development, really all you’re going to see is the cars. We need to do something with the parking, get it underground, get it out of sight, but please address that.

2 cents’ worth

My name is Frank and I have a couple tips for the people in the valley. The first one goes out to the CME drivers. The left lane on I-70 is for passing. My second tip is for all the Kerry losers, I mean supporters, who still drive around with their bumper stickers on their car. If you haven’t been informed yet, he lost, and lost badly, and you should take them off so people don’t think you’re a complete idiot.

Misses ice bubble

I just was driving through Eagle-Vail and I just noticed there’s a big white plastic bubble covering all the sand that they put on the road. Isn’t it quite funny how nobody complains about this bubble, but the bubble that I used to play hockey on gets taken away because it was “an eyesore.” Interesting how that happens.

Editor’s note: Not quite. The ice bubble was discontinued in Vail when use was lower than expected and the cost of raising, dropping and maintaining the seasonal structure proved too expensive to continue

Armchair chief

Here’s a tip for Thursday, Dec. 30, lunchtime. There’s a truck box on Metcalf Road blocking the entire uphill lane, but there is also a speed trap less than a quarter mile away on Nottingham Road. Now the officer in the speed trap certainly should have been directing traffic at the truck box that was sitting there, an extreme hazard for any uphill and downhill traffic, but it gets better. On the hairpin at the top of Nottingham Road or Metcalf Road where it turns into Wildridge Road, there’s a car 40 feet down in the ravine yet there’s still no police response. I think a change in leadership here is in order.

People crash

I take offense at the Vail Daily’s Thursday, Dec. 30th headline. Snow blankets the Vail Valley on Wednesday, causing a series of car wrecks on slick roads. The snow didn’t cause the car wrecks. We’ve got more mag chloride than they do in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they produce the stuff and don’t even use it on any of the roads in Utah. People and idiots cause car wrecks. Driving too fast, driving without care, and without proper tires or a proper vehicle. So until mankind can figure out why problems are being caused, they will never be solved.

Roundabout rant

Where are the Vail Police at the rush hour at 4 o’clock around the roundabout? Why aren’t they directing traffic and getting the people moving along the lane. I don’t understand it. The new town manager sucks, and it’s proven this winter how much he sucks. He’s totally disorganized. I’ve been here for 38 years, and since this guy’s taken over, he’s been underground, we’ve heard nothing about him, and there’s no police to get the traffic moving around the roundabout. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous.

Vail, Colorado

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