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Whatever This is called “Kudos to the Vail Daily.” Greetings and salutations. My name is Fritz Gaylord, a local Eagle County resident and ski enthusiast. You’ve done it again. I’ve spent the whole day in Denver and come to realize how good we have it in the valley. In the Denver papers, all you hear about is the war and death. I’m so glad you guys cover what’s really important. Powder days. This truly is a happy valley. I’d also like to thank you for your hard-core journalism. I don’t like to be confused with big numbers like 120,000 people dead on Christmas. I like to keep it simple with phrases like six inches of new powder. Once again, thank you for keeping all of us informed in the valley.Editor’s note: The tsunamis came the day after Christmas, as reported even in the Daily, on page one. And the death toll did not reach 120,000 until earlier this week, also reported in the Daily, on page one. Sadly enough, Iraq is everyday fodder, even in the Daily. Oh yeah, there has been some local news, too, some sad, some powder days, on page one, in the local paper. Sorry to disappoint.Why them?How sad that the top non-profit in this valley is the Eagle Valley Land Trust. … with so many good deeds being done in this valley, and with the Bair Ranch being nowhere near this valley, I find it ironic that the land trust was voted top non-profit by the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau. I think it just shows how messed up the valleys are by the people who are running this community.It all comes back This is in response to “Shut them off” in the Dec. 31 Tipsline. Check yourself before you speak, or you can come off sounding like a complete idiot. First, Vail Resorts expanding doesn’t mean more water is wasted. They only blow snow on a few runs to get things going in early winter. Plus, the water they use gets frozen and sits on a hill all winter, melts and becomes more runoff. Correct? That’s more like recycling than wasting. If you must wash your car every day, go to the do-it-yourself car wash and be quick about it. And lastly, golf courses act as filters for rivers, streams and ponds. The water leaving the course is much cleaner than it was entering. Certain plants, trees and shrubs are used to filter bad stuff out of the water supply. Oh yeah, last time I counted we have nine courses the public can play, and only four exclusively private clubs. Maybe you should learn how to count.Hard bargainTo the town of Minturn, I just wanted to say while they’re involved in negotiations with Ron Crider, 610 AM, a radio station about the antenna in Minturn, that they should negotiate a hard deal that leads to some sort of public service for the radio station. We get no local news, no local programming, and the station has become one constant infomercial with the shows consisting of stock tips and stock information and vitamin programs and then a hypnotist who sells multi-level deals. It has really become somewhat of a joke of a radio station. They used to have some informative programs, but no more, and so as the town of Minturn negotiates over the lease of the antenna for 610 AM, they should definitely include in the negotiations something about the local programming, whether it be news or local talk radio or something like that.High cost of sleddingSkiing at Vail with hundreds of millions of dollars of improvements, 5,000 plus acres and dozens of high-speed quad chairlifts and thousands of vertical feet? About $9 per hour. Sledding in Meadow Mountain, with one tiny lift and about 50 feet of vertical? $16 an hour. Finding your own national forest playground, your own hill? Priceless.Piling onWe were riding New Year’s Day today and saw a snowmobile stuck on Gold Peak. This guy buried it right around the corner of a post and a rope and it took five people to get it out. Pretty clear they know how to run snowmobiles over there at Gold Peak.Pure piracyHey Vail taxpayers, did you know that the new pirate ship next to the Vista Bahn is coasting you $318,000 and that the town has stet aside only $275,000 for the third fire station? Is that insane or what? At the town annual meeting, only three questions from the floor were asked. Have we turned into sheep? Have we forgotten how to speak? Don’t we develop logical, intelligent priorities anymore? Have all the smart folks moved downvalley? Are Vailites no longer caring what’s going on in town? Wake up folks, and attend those town meetings and speak out like you used to, or we’ll be bankrupted over tax toys, etc. The council needs guidance.Cut off the illegalsRegarding the Catholic Charities: “Immigrants have all sorts of unique circumstances,” says Tom Ziemann, director of Catholic Charities for the Western Slope, “because many of them are undocumented.” Then they are undocumented illegal aliens, Mr. Ziemann, and not “immigrants.” Support Colorado’s new amendment, Defend CO Now, a pro-immigrant, pro-citizen initiative ( requiring welfare benefits is given to legal immigrants and residents only. No welfare money, except hospitalization and education, will be given to “undocumented” illegal aliens in our state. Savings will be substantial to state taxpayers, with no additional tax costs to enforce the eligibility requirements. They were signed into law 5-03 with our governor.Can’t they learn?I’m from a warm climate. Can anyone explain to me why truckers are allowed to drive on the freeway without putting on chains well before they find that they can’t make it up an 11,000 foot pass in a major snow storm? Maybe a trucker can explain to me why they make a decision to put chains on their vehicle in the middle of I-70 at the Avon exit at 7:30 in the morning. I have enough sense to put studded snow tires on my vehicle so I don’t end up in a ditch or stuck in the middle of the freeway. Why doesn’t the State Patrol stop them before they clog the only way to go east and west through Colorado? Frustrated!Awfully selectiveI’m reading the Quick Takes asking where the damage is from mag chloride while I’m waiting for my door locks to be replaced on a vehicle which is frequently washed. They tell me that the door locks do not work because of the mag chloride, which sticks instead of runs off. So if you’re asking where the damage is, it’s in the check I’m about to write to the automotive dealer. There really is damage out there, and all I can hope is that you don’t find it out when it affects your brakes.Yahoo behind wheelThis is a tip for the Vail bus department. Just saw a cowboy or cowgirl driving bus No. 150 flying by on the golf course route at 10:51 doing at least 30-plus miles per hour at Golden Peak without even stopping and bothering to pick me up. Just wanted to let you know, town of Vail, you’ve got a cowgirl out there.Where’s your soul?I’m calling about the creep at the Eagle County airport today who robbed one of my best friends of his livelihood. He’s a driver for a local company and a very conscientious and good one. He happened to use the restroom, and his wallet was left behind and he had the best day of tips in a long time. You know how much it was, a whole bunch. At least you left the credit cards behind, but you decided to be a coward and take his money. The man has a mortgage to pay. The man relies on those tips. He said if they needed it more than I do, not that it’s right, but apparently they were desperate. That’s the kind of soul he has. What kind of soul do you have? Stop robbing people.Here’s an ideaHow about a walking bridge over I-70 from the post office to Cascade Village for skiers to walk back and forth. Also, a guardrail would be good between I-70 and Frontage Road.Vail, Colorado

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