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UnderminedJust sitting here feeling frustrated about losing my job to an illegal alien here in the Vail Valley and sitting here reading about the Catholic Charity immigrant advocates program funded by Eagle County. How many billions of dollars are we going to give to these people to help them? How many jobs are we going to give them that normal people need? When’s enough going to be enough? We’re tired of these people being here and other people just giving them handouts. No wonder they’re here. That’s why they’re here. Because of the bleeding hearts that feel bad for being rich because these people aren’t. Well what about the middle class here? The middle class is being destroyed by these people who come here, have children on our dime, and then learn middle class skills and take our jobs for half the wages. …Safer mountainLast year, after Skier Safety Week, somebody called in anonymously and said there were three things that would make skiing safer better on Vail Mountain. 1. Snowshoers climbing up Vail Mountain instead of being in the wilderness, they’re going up the hill while skiers are coming down. 2. Snowmobiles. 3. The very first subject, which I’m not even going to repeat. So at any rate, figure it out.Taking up spaceIf parking is at such a premium in the main Vail parking structure, why is there an abandoned car five spots in from the entrance, on the right hand side, allowed to be there for weeks on end. If parking is such a problem, get it towed out of there. Hate that placeThis message is directed to the people involved in the new development in Vail. I am begging, please do not allow Dave and Buster’s anywhere in the Eagle Valley east of Eagle. I’ve been to the Dave and Buster’s in Denver, and it’s the noisiest place I’ve ever been in my life. To me it’s the same as going to a racetrack. Extremely noisy. The people who come here to Vail are here on vacation. They’re here to relax. Please, we don’t want that kind of noise in Vail.Didn’t read textThis is Judy calling. I’m a resident of Edwards. Whoever wrote the headline for the article on Page A14 today by Richard Carnes, “Dude! Surf’s up in Sri Lanka!” should be severely castigated if not fired. It was totally, totally inappropriate and downright sick. Thank you.Editor’s note: The headline was tied to a specific comment in the text of the column, which dealt with the need to drop efforts to assess blame for the tragedy and to simply help the stricken areas: “The media will be blamed for sensationalizing the tragedy, especially by printing headlines as tasteless and callous as this one.” It does help to actually read what you are going to criticize.Chloride crashToday is Tuesday, Jan. 4. I’d like to address the mag chloride issue and driving in the High Country. It is snowing, a beautiful Colorado blizzard, and the time is 6:30 and there’s a wreck at Dowd Junction. I just passed so many morons and meatballs, it’s not even funny. Snow does not cause wrecks. Inconsiderate, stupid, uncaring people cause wrecks with improper tires and cars. So when our state wants to address the proper problem to our wrecks in the High Country, that’ll be the day God kisses us all. Unbelievable. Give me a break. Figure it out. Drive safe and respectful with proper tires and a proper vehicle. Mag chloride has ruined a lot of vehicles and a lot of people’s health around here. There’s a big pile-up at Dowd Junction.Too slowI’m sure I’m not the only one whose been pissed off about this, but can you just remind everybody that the speed limit between Avon and Edwards on Highway 6 is mainly 55 in front of Arrowhead. I had to drive 40 all the way home from work because some tourist doesn’t know what the speed limit is. Maybe they should pay attention and look at the signs. Maybe if you could just give a reminder that it is 55 miles an hour through there, that would help a lot. Storms will do thatThe condition of the roads in Eagle, Avon and I-70 have never been worse or more dangerous. The towns and CDOT are doing a horrible job of plowing the roads this year. Thoroughly clearing the roads improves public safety. By the condition of the roads this year one would think that road maintenance and safety is non-existent. The on and off ramps are not even being plowed properly. Keeping the roads safe is not an area that government entities should be cutting back on. Our taxes have not been reduced, so CDOT and the towns need to get the plow trucks out earlier, they need to stay out longer, and they need to do a lot better job than is currently being done. Thank you.Plow, pleaseI live in the Terrace in Eagle, and I just slid completely through a turn up here and almost hit a pole on the corner, going around 15 mph, because the plows have not been through here since early morning. Whatever happened to using sand and gravel on the roads at the intersections and corners? I haven’t seen one speck of gravel used on the roads this year. Why can’t the plows go around more than once a day when it is snowing on and off all day?Have some couthTo the guy in the parking garage getting out of his Land Rover urinating in the Vail parking structure: This isn’t New York City. There are bathrooms 20 yards away. Next time, skip the expensive car and buy yourself some class.Wrong place?I was just hanging out in Vail Village on this snowy powder day and I watched one of Vail’s finest code enforcement officers ticket a delivery vehicle that was delivering alcohol and beer to local businesses. This truck, I’d seen it struggling on the streets, and it had found a place to park so it could give the businesses the product they need to be in business, to pay taxes to the town, which we all know are fair, and therefore pay Vail’s finest salaries. Middle Creek greatHi folks. Bennett Pollack here. I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. Regarding Middle Creek, not only do I think it looks terrific, but I must confess I’m a little envious of it’s new residents. I wish there had been something like it when I first moved to the valley. It’s great that it’s residents can walk to the slopes, and I think it’s going to be a huge benefit to Vail. Great job, Town of Vail. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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