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Good, badI’d like to congratulate the Eagle County School Board, Magnus and the town of Avon for not only selecting the most reasonable site for a school but for the town to OK that as well. The spot behind Paddy’s was ridiculous and a joke. But the spot here on the valley floor is a great location and I want to commend them because they did a great job. But I think the idea of putting a bridge over East Beaver Creek Boulevard is a joke and I think the board needs to get off the crack pipe, whoever came up with that idea. It’s a joke and it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money totally.Sledding blissJust wanted to say how great it was last weekend seeing all the kids hiking up and sledding around Minturn. I guess none of them had $40 burning a hole in their pocket, but it’s nice to see kids getting out there and sledding for free.Don’t educate themPam Boyd with the Eagle County School District did an excellent job informing the community about TAP. Maybe she could present factual information regarding illegal residents and their children attending our public schools. Many of us are concerned. Do the projected numbers show that there will be a need for an additional school in Avon for American citizens, along with the current Avon Elementary and Meadow Mountain Elementary? Eagle County taxpayers should not be expected to pay for a new school for illegal residents. According to the school district, Avon Elementary and Edwards Elementary are about 70 percent Hispanic, and according to people who work in those two buildings, the majority of those 70 percent are not American citizens. Do we know for sure? No. Because the school district does not require documentation. But doesn’t federal law require a visa to live here if one is not a citizen? If someone from Australia or Germany spends a winter here, they must have a visa. Since 9/11 and the Patriot Act, doesn’t the school district have to abide by national law and require legal documentation? It is against the law to live here with phony documents, and our local law enforcement should take this as serious as they do searching out underage drinkers. Be careful, Eagle County School District taxpayers.Like Afghanistan?Once again, Butch Mazzuca brings out the same old tired arguments for the invasion of Iraq. But I’ve got two questions for Butch. If he really believes that we invaded Iraq to spread democracy throughout the Middle East, why then when we were given the chance in Kuwait didn’t we bring democracy to Kuwait instead of handing it back to a monarchy. Secondly, does he really believe that we would still have invaded Iraq if it had been some small, oil-less country in the center of Africa instead of in the Middle East? The fact is Butch, face it, we invaded it largely because they have oil and it’s an important country, and all the rest of their reasons are secondary.Vail, Colorado

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