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Last Saturday at about 1 I made a left-hand turn onto 6 at the Stop and Shop. A car coming from the east felt I should not have had the nerve to pull out while it was in my sight. The silly, immature female driver had to speed up so she could be about a foot from my rear bumper until we reached the Beaver Creek roundabout in Avon. Then she tooted her horn as she came beside my car so I would be sure to see her flip me the bird. It really made me smile to see such a stupid, juvenile act. Seriously, though, this is the mentality that can cause accidents. It’s sad that there’s not an intelligence test when we take our driver’s license.

Semantical games

I think it’s appalling that Commissioner Stone expresses his opinion that he did not know that Arn Menconi was interested in the chairmanship of the commissioners. He’s quoted as saying he knew that “Michael had an interest, but Arn had never expressed to me an interest.” To me that’s semantics or Commissioner Stone evidently does not pay attention to the newspapers or the letters that he has been written by Eagle County citizens and representatives of local boards. If he is not aware of the letters and he does not pay attention to the local papers, how could he possibly represent the community of Eagle County. He’s just being a political person and not paying attention to the desires of the community. Maybe someone should start a recall.

Poor United

I think the silliest thing I’ve heard today is the remark that Eagle County has made public probably worldwide about United Airlines bouncing a $15,000 check on them. Who is fiscally irresponsible enough to make that statement for the county? I think the county manager should be involved here, and should be brought on line. Because number one, United Airlines has brought in probably I would say an estimated $50 million worth of revenue in this county in the past 12 years. Just to let you know, I’m a concerned citizen.

Cranky in Minturn

This is Michael Boyd. I’m calling in regarding the politics of Minturn, Colorado. Wednesday the 14th I had the two police stop by. I had a car parked at the end of a dead-end street for 20 minutes while some guys were getting a sandwich at JB’s Barbecue and he informed me that the town manager sent him over to ask me to remove the car. I’m just curious if our town manager is driving around checking all the dead-end streets and asking the chief to notify everyone who has cars in the street or if it’s just some more personal harassment that’s going on that tends to happen in the politics of our town. If that’s the case, we need to create some work for our town manager to do or he should take a pay cut because he has too much free time on his hands and help our budget out.

Power trip

I’m sitting here reading a Vail Daily, today Wednesday, Jan. 15, and there’s a couple things in here about the town of Minturn again. It’s quite interesting that I took the blame for writing one of those two, but I didn’t. So here I go. For starters, I think the reason that we want the campground in Minturn is so the town of Minturn can get a free ride on someone else’s shoulders and put their utilities into their newly founded building there. Number two, as long as I’ve lived here, the laws in Minturn have been selectively enforced all the way around the board. This week two people who I know had selective law enforcement dealt against them by our Minturn gestapos. If Minturn really wants to increase their sales tax revenue, they would get rid of the Minturn Police Department. I know we have at least one good cop on our force, but the rest should go. We’d save a lot more money. Quite the bureaucracy. We’re making too many laws. We also need to have a little more care put into the community. None of the community trusts our council members. The council members are on some kind of power trip, and hopefully they’ll let the citizens vote for their campground. But I can just see it now, trailers and campers parked everywhere. There’s no parking as it is. Oh wait a minute, we have selective parking in Minturn, and the parking is selectively enforced. So are our building codes, to be honest, and so are the rest of the codes in this community. But I guess I could live in Vail, and that would be worse. What a tragedy. We have a great town and we have great people. We need to get rid of that Town Council and the mayor. Keep just a few select council members and get rid of the rest of them. Because they don’t care about us. They don’t care about the way we think. It’s a big power trip.

Taking our jobs

I would like to know why ECO Transit had to go all the way to Australia to hire bus drivers. They paid a lot of money on these tickets over here for their visas, spent a lot of time training them, and in six months they’re going back. ECO even provides furniture and apartments for them. There are many qualified applicants here in the Vail Valley who would love to have those jobs, as they are well paying and have good benefits. So why is ECO spending all this taxpayer money for visas, transportation and training when there are so many qualified people here in the valley who applied for the jobs but didn’t get them because they brought in 19 Australians? I think somebody should check it out.


The commentary on the front page of Thursday’s paper was so out of order and inappropriate that I had to ask myself, just who does the Vail Daily think it’s serving? Certainly not our visitors, certainly not our community, and certainly not the nation. To exerpt a comment from someone else’s letter to the editor is an example of mindless journalism. Is there anyone at the Vail Daily with any common sense watching the store?

Got to be a stunt

This is Bennett Pollack calling and I smell a rat. You remember about three years ago there was a story going around that a beautiful lady in a limousine was going to construction sites and handing out free lunches and giving people $5, $10 and $20, and when people asked why, she says, “I’m just a millionaire and I like to do nice things.” Turns out it was a cheap publicity stunt by who was it, KQMT or KTUN or the pigeon or the turkey or whatever they’re calling themselves now. That’s all it was, just trying to get listeners. Well this thing with Dennis Macintosh stinks, and it stinks like another cheap publicity stunt. I mean, come on. A guy calls him on the air to suspend him? Airing his dirty laundry like that? I’ve worked in radio before. Anytime anyone gets suspended, they immediately remove all mention of him and tell DJs not to talk about him. Well if you listen to the airways, they’re talking about him all the time. So what did you guys do, KTUN? Did you sit around one night and say, “Oh, we’re losing listeners to the Zephyr. What can we do to generate some interest?” Turns out there’s a lot of people calling up to register opinions. There’s a “bring back Mac” campaign going on. There’s a lot of nonsense going on. I’d like to know, are you guys jerking us around again? If it’s on the level, then they’re way overreacting. I mean come on, four Bee Gees songs? Big deal.

Go get ’em

As I was reading the paper on Jan. 16 it was good to see the letter from Thomas Hohn of Vail regarding Butch Mazzuca’s previous editorial piece on the 9th. It’s good to see that somebody like Mr. Hohn and also Alan Braunholz will end up taking a stand and standing up to the Bush administration’s rape and pillage of the United States and these people can be considered to be terrorists by our government. I’m also referring to Mr. Mazzuca’s editorial where it says, “The U.S. and western world run on oil, and even if we begin taking mopeds to work and turning our thermostats down today, it would be 20 years before we could even think about being independent.” Well, doesn’t Mr. Mazzuca think that we might want to start doing that now? Instead of waiting until later when we’ll end up running into problems when the oil starts running out and some of these wackos end up controlling all the oil in the world.

Childish episode

If Tom Stone didn’t know that Arn Menconi did not want the chairmanship of the commissioners after all the newspaper articles that were in both area papers, then

it shows that he’s not in touch with what is going on in the county and does not deserve to be the county commissioner. What else about this county doesn’t he know? Michael Gallagher comes off as a power-hungry politician, just serving his own purposes. Also, if you look up the definition of Republican in the dictionary, Michael Gallagher’s picture would be there. He has misrepresented himself to the public to get elected. Both Stone and Gallagher have shown that they are little children. They have had their own clique and do not want to let anyone else in. We need to bring Eagle County into the modern era and have a home rule system where we have five or seven commissioners so that the power is spread out more evenly. This whole episode with this is just completely childish and trite.

Break out cigars

With all of this petty stuff going on with the county commissioners not allowing Menconi to take his turn and depriving the voters of District 2 their chance at representation, I think that both Tom Stone and Michael Gallagher should be recalled and let’s get somebody in there that’s going to actually work for the county instead of doing this little piddly stuff. I mean this is absolutely ridiculous and it smacks of backroom politics like in the old days with the cigars and all of that other stuff where the deals were made before it even came up for a vote.

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