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Too muchThis is regarding open space. The citizens of Eagle County voted to spend $3 million per year on open space, not $6 million. … If the county has an extra $3 million just lying around, how about refunding it to the taxpayers? My property taxes are too high already. Have you looked at the tax bill the county just sent you? It sounds like our newest commissioner has a campaign debt to pay to the Eatons.Likes prices, thoughHave a little bit of a complaint and I thought I’d call two stores, but I won’t, I’ll just call Tipsline. You know what my biggest gripe is about these illegals coming in? I don’t mind it if they’re honest, hard-working folks that want to make a better living, but what I do mind is if they cannot speak and don’t even try to speak our language, and if they are working at both Wal-Mart and City Market, and you call and you try to have a question answered and it’s impossible because they’re the only ones left in the evening. They say, oh no comprende, call back manana. That’s where I have a big gripe, that’s my big gripe. Is there anyone else out there that feels the same way? We need to have people that if they live here they learn the language. Thank you.The big issueInformation for the writer who said, “Doesn’t federal law require a visa to live here if one is not a citizen? Yes. Furthermore, if one is here on a F-1 visa, they must reimburse U.S. taxpayers for each year their children are enrolled in our public schools. Ask Don Rogers for a copy of the F-1 government info I added with this (e-mail). It is fact. The exact numbers are not documented in Eagle County, but they run around 40 percent illegal aliens in our communities, per the Vail Daily newspaper. So be concerned. Each child costs us, the taxpayers, $8,600 a year in Eagle County schools, with additional money (average $10,000 more a year) for ESL and so on. Per John Brendza at a district meeting last year, the numbers of enrolling non-English speakers are growing daily here. Daily! California, here we come! Don’t like that? Call your congressmen, toll-free, at1-800-648-3516 and call your senator, toll-free, at 1-877-762-8762, and then our fine president, El Presidente Bush, at 202-456-1111. Better speak up. Each family of illegal aliens costs U.S. taxpayers $26 billion a year in tax money subsidized social service programs, after subtracting the illegal aliens’ tax contributions. …Does not!This is in response to the Tipsline, “It all comes back.” Well, it doesn’t. To the uneducated person who thinks golf courses help filter our water, he’s absolutely ludicrous. 1. They don’t. The pesticides and chemicals they use for the greens and golf courses do not get filtered out by shrubs and trees. Also, they put excessive amounts that also end up coming in off of the golf courses for some reason and ruin the spawning beds for the fish. So before this uneducated person speaks, maybe he ought to look around and talk to some of the fishing guides who have lived here for almost 30 years in the valley and seen what golf courses have done to our water and our water supplies and also what blowing snow has done. We used to not have snow guns. We used to just count on conditions as such. If they were good, we skied early. Some years skiing wasn’t open till Thanksgiving. The golf courses were still open. Before he blabs his mouth off anymore, maybe he should start trying to be a little educated and spend some time outdoors and find out what’s really going on in our environment around us. Just a fact, dudeToday’s Vail Daily headline indicated that the snowpack in the Colorado river basin is at 98 percent. Please, Vail Daily, continue to remind your readers that four more years of average snowfall will have Lake Powell dry. Come on, Mother Nature, let it snow. Starts at homeThis is a comment regarding Gary Lindstrom’s column on Sunday, Jan. 9, “Kids and alcohol.” Guess what, Gary, in Boulder, Colorado, beer kegs are numbered and recorded at the liquor store. Where did one of the alcohol poisoning deaths that you are so concerned about happen? In Boulder, where this law exists. To think that your bill will do anything other than create another layer of bureaucracy is the height of idiocy. You want kids to be responsible for their drinking? Look at their parents and hold their parents accountable. It starts at home, Gary. Not in the Legislature.Best skiing everI’d like to say thanks to God, Vail Resorts, and all the employees and lift ops of Vail Resorts in making this last week some of the best skiing ever in my 29 years in Eagle County. Great job. We do have headaches in Eagle County, but days like those make all the headaches go away. Hey, we could be involved in a tsunami. Thank you, Lord.Common sense?Two days after my wife took our child and their friend to the movies after they had been drinking and then picked them up at the movies after they had been drinking, I read this column by Gary Lindstrom about kids and alcohol. I don’t know what the answer is, but we’ve been teaching our kids since a young age how to drink, and drink responsibly. They don’t do drugs, they don’t get in trouble, and they end up being the ones at college and when they were in high school as the people looking over their friends and keeping them out of trouble. So I guess there’s a lot of different ways to look at it, but we don’t need somebody making more stupid laws in our government. We have too much government and too many laws. We need a little common sense, and if you did teach your kid at a young age how to drink, they wouldn’t end up binge drinking in college because it’s no big deal. So be safe out there, and God bless.Just after moneyI’m calling in regards to the Bryant accuser wanting to make her case in Denver public. This is so ridiculous. To me it seems like she was all along after money. Money, money, money again. If this is not true, then why did she not go through with it in Eagle. Now she moved it to California and then she brought it back to Denver. It’s only obvious that she is after money, and she wants the public to know that she’s going to get this money and that it will be okay after that because she received settlement. Is this not true? If not, why is it that she’s pursuing it? She’s only doing it for the money in my opinion.Illegal helpI was curious regarding the article with all the agencies giving money to immigrants there was no stipulation if these were legal immigrants or illegal immigrants, and it would be great if these agencies that were funding them could encourage them to become citizens of the United States. Vail, Colorado

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