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Below expectationMathematics achievement in Eagle County is far below what we would want it to be. Recent reform efforts only aggravate the problem, and our district’s decision to adopt the controversial everyday math problem K-5 only adds fuel to the fire. The advocates of this new “fuzzy math” have practiced their rhetoric well. They speak of higher order thinking, conceptual understanding, and solving problems, but they neglect the systematic mastery of the fundamental building blocks necessary for success in any of these areas. Their focus is on things like calculators, blocks and beads, guesswork, games, group activities, and writing about math while they shun things like traditional algorhythms and repeated practice. Everyday math is shy in fundamentals, it lacks depth and the rigor that promotes greater achievement while spiraling frantically from topic to topic. Concerned parents should begin efforts to restore content, rigor and higher expectations to the mathematics education of our youngest students.Can’t eat cats?I can’t believe that lady from Denver that’s going down and gathering up all the cats from the tsunami victims. She’s taking food out of these poor people’s mouths. They’ve lost everything, clothes, all their belongings, and now the only source of food they’ve got are these cats, and this lady’s going down and she’s stealing the food right out of their mouths. What is the world coming to? I think that lady needs to do something besides steal food from all these poor people that don’t have any and are victims of Mother Earth.High costI’d like to thank Caroline McWhorter of Avon for her great letter concerning illegal aliens costing American citizens tens of billions of dollars annually. It’s a shame that all these charitable funds in Eagle County can’t help our homeless and our people that are American citizens that have been displaced by undocumented illegal aliens. It’s pretty sad what’s happened here in Eagle County. I don’t know where this world is going, but it’s not going in a positive place.Going too slow, tooThis is in regards to the tips on Thursday, Jan. 13, about the tourists going too slow on Highway 6 between Avon and Edwards. I drive that drive every single day and the speed limit is 55 mph, not 25, and it is not the tourists who drive 25. … I just wanted to correct that person that said it was the tourists, it’s not the tourists, it is the illegal Mexicans that do not know how to read or drive here in the U.S. Bring ’em onThis is Matt from Vail and I say, “It’s go time for Dave and Buster.”What you make of itJust wanted to report on the plowing. I think the guys are doing a pretty good job. I left for an event at 7 a.m. the other day going down Lake Creek and it wasn’t plowed, but I understand that there are other areas that probably are more full of emergencies and stuff, but I think the guys are doing a great job. Let’s not complain so much, you people out there. Life is good and it’s what you make it. If you want to complain about something, complain about yourself, your weight, your own self first.Stop tail-gating meI’m getting sick and tired of all these people who are tail-gating me. If I’m going slow, it’s for a good reason, and the closer they get to my car, the slower I will go. Please turn down your headlights. It’s doesn’t work. I just slow down because I have to be twice as cautious because the bloody lights are on high beam behind me. So just cool it. If you bump into me, it’s your fault. Remember that. Stop tail-gating, it is not good road courtesy.Vail, Colorado

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