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No job shortageThis is in reference to the person who is sitting frustrated about losing their job. My only answer to that is don’t blame the undocumented workers. Most of them that are here are here with a working visa, and the majority of them are not illegal aliens. They’re here for a purpose. They have their papers to work here. If you’re sitting there moping, why don’t you go through the paper and find a job. There are lots of jobs advertised. They’re not here to take your jobs, they’re here to work for themselves. It’s too bad that you can’t see that point of view. What would the Indian have said years to go when your ancestors came here? It’s a good thing they didn’t say go back to where you came from.Can’t afford it hereI was just reading about the person who lost their job to an illegal alien and I have to agree. We’ve been in this valley eight years and as a single mother barely surviving. My husband now, we’ve been married a few years, has lost his job in construction because we can’t earn enough money to live in this valley. I don’t know how the illegal aliens can afford to live here. We’ve been run out of town. We’re leaving the state. Our friends are throwing a fund-raiser for us because we have so little money because Eagle Valley has sucked it out of us. I have talked to at least six different people in the last two weeks who are also leaving the valley. So pretty soon the only ones who are going to be here are the very rich and the Mexicans, because the rest of us can’t afford to live here. I agreeThis is in regards to the Tipsline, Thursday Jan. 13, “Too slow.” I’d like to say yes, I agree, it’s ridiculous. … So he said 40 mph all the way home? He’s lucky. Most days it’s like 15, 20 mph even though it’s a 55 mph zone. So I’d just like to thank you for printing that and I hope there’s more people that agree that this is a ridiculous problem on that road.Sooooooo slowI was glad to see in Thursday, Jan. 13th’s Tipsline that someone called in about the slow drivers on Highway 6 between Edwards and the curve where 45 mph begins east of Arrowhead. I too drive this stretch to and from work, and many times are stuck behind a car going 40, 35, and even 30 mph! A 55 mph sign needs to be put in front of Arrowhead somewhere to remind or let drivers know that the speed limit in this area is 55 mph!Oh get a lifeThis is to the people complaining about other drivers driving too slow on Highway 6 between Edwards and Avon through Arrowhead. I mean, get a life guys. I mean yeah, the speed limit’s 55, but it should only be 45. There’s a traffic light. And if you’re in that much of a hurry, take the freakin’ interstate.Still stunkConcerning the tasteless headline that you had in your paper, “Surf’s up in Sri Lanka.” We did read the column, and the headline was still tasteless.Great photoI’d like to say the front page of Friday’s paper was totally awesome. There was a photo by Preston Utley of professional snowboarder J. J. Thomas lofting a big, new air. Wow. That is phenomenal. I never knew something like that could be done. Great job.An outrageWhy should the American taxpayer have to pay to babysit Vicente Fox’s problem. If it were up to Fox, he would send all of his least educated and impregnated to the United States. It is an outrage. Rich Mahoney, Avon.Grab a shovelI have a tip for everyone in the valley. If you live, and you probably do, near a fire hydrant, it’s probably buried in the snow at this point in time. If you live close to one and you don’t have anything to do, you might grab a shovel, take the kids, go out and dig out around the fire hydrant. You’ll probably dig out three to four feet around it. It’s not a whole lot of effort, but should someone’s house catch on fire in your neighborhood, finding the plug might be a problem and then if it’s been plowed in and the firemen have to spend 15 minutes digging it out, that could be 15 minutes spent saving someone’s life or someone’s home.Good role modelI’d like to say thank you to Shaun White if you’re still in town for being such a great role model to the young snowboarders in the valley, and for always wearing a helmet. Also, thanks to the Vail Daily for putting that photo of him on the cover today, helmet and all. It’s the first thing my 13-year-old noticed. I think the message is loud and clear, cool snowboarders and riders do wear helmets. Just a close gameI’m responding to Tom Zeppelin’s letter to the editor. He says that Eagle Valley is this great team but because of their coach, they pretty much suck. He says about the Battle Mountain High School game, their rival game, that they shouldn’t have won by one because they need better coaching. That’s what makes a good game – a close game. Would you rather they totally beat Battle Mountain and no one cheer because either they feel bad for Battle Mountain because they’re just beating them so badly?Still a job to doJust a polite tip to the town of Vail snow removal crew. We’re going to spend millions of dollars heating the sidewalks. Great. Doesn’t mean you guys can skip basic safety in town, like the blocks on the Lionshead bridge over I-70. That thing is a pure freaking strip of ice for about three-four days in a row, and people have been falling on it for days. If you know anything about the degree of angle over there, any time there’s an angle, you need to put rocks down. It’s a public safety issue. The hardest thing for me is getting to and from the mountain without falling on my ass all the time.Vail, Colorado

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