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Stop the growthDear county commissioners and all others who may have a part in the growth of our valley: I am originally from Breckenridge. When I was born, there was no hospital, so I was born in Leadville. At the time there was no Vail, but I moved here when I was 7. I have seen the Vail Valley grow from its infancy, and wish to address two very important issues. First, I would like to see you allocate the $6 million for the Eaton Ranch. We have such a limited amount of open space, and what you decide on now will affect many generations to come. If anyone has researched the vacant retail and commercial spaces as I have in the past two years, you would understand why it would not be necessary to add more empty space to the market. There are so many commercial and retail spaces up for grab between Vail’s Bridge Street and Gypsum. Who will ever lease or purchase these existing spaces if we offer up another over priced area in Eaton Ranch? How many new stores and restaurants do we need? Why not support the current businesses throughout the valley that are struggling against the big box stores. My second issue concerns Eagle, Gypsum and the big box stores. I rather enjoy taking a day trip to Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, Silverthorne or Denver to visit the other big box stores, but I do not want them in my own back yard. I don’t care how great they are. I enjoy the simplicity and smalltown feel of our local businesses. … Rondi Berge, Avon.No one works harderThis is to all people who say that CDOT needs to stay out there and work harder and work longer hours. Well, I’d like to see all those people go out there and work as hard as those people do at CDOT. They spend all their holidays out there. When it snows, they are out there 24/7. People need to take time and appreciate what they do. Otherwise, they couldn’t even get to work.Part of the problemI’m just a little concerned with the world today and I’m concerned with when is the world going to stand up and say to the Arab world what they are doing is sinful, they are going to hell, they are only serving satan? What in the hell is it going to take for people to stand up to these people? This world has gone insane and we’re letting so many Mexicans across our border and I hope to say that it’s not politically correct, but it’s not. They’re bringing the bad guys over the border, and if you don’t think they’re working on something, you’re crazy. Stop the borders. Come on, George Bush, I voted for you. Now let’s get on to the southern border, Mexico. Mexico is now putting out a pamphlet telling their illegals how to do it safely and how to not risk arrest. Are we out of our minds as Americans? You know who they’re bringing to Colorado? We’re going to have a big surprise one day unless people stand up and do something about it. We all need to do something about this. It’s maddening.You’re welcomeJust want to say way to go, Vail Daily, for letting Rob Bak speak his mind and write whatever the hell he wants in this … newspaper.Vail, Colorado

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