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Insult to injuryDear Mr. Rob Bak: I’m sorry to hear about your painful injury at the contest Friday night. It looked pretty bad from where I was from standing. I’m sure you must be pretty sore, but does that also make you a sore loser? I find myself reading your article over and over in Saturday’s paper and not finding any respect or credit to the actual winner of the Malay factor, Mike Casanova. He may only be 15, but you sound like a 10-year-old when talking about how “everyone thought you had it.” You know what? You didn’t have it. Mike Casanova did. Show some respect.Terrain park wishWouldn’t it be nice if they hosted the Sessions in early December so we could have the halfpipe and the terrain park open for the big crowds we’re having at Christmas that come looking to have fun in the park? Get it together, Vail. Get that park open by Christmas next year. So show us howThis is in response to “Frustrated with the wait” at Home Depot. As one of the managers here I would happily employ anyone who is interested in becoming a cashier for us if they can meet our standards, so I would ask that gentleman if he wants a job, I would happily employ him. Didn’t notice?I just want to make a comment about the noise on I-70 in Vail. Ninety percent of the people in the Vail Valley knew that highway was there when they moved in here, so why are they complaining. Just because they live in Vail they want this solitude and quietness? Nobody has complained about the airport noise that has just been built up over the last couple of years and people have lived downvalley for many more years than they have, so I would recommend that they either move or they just shut up.Lots of starsBesides having Chad Fleischer and Cindy Nelson as ex-Olympic skiers, you have both Dave and Renie Gorsuch and Annaliese Freeman who all skied in the ’60 Olympics. And Vern Goodwin.Wow factorI’d like to say, the front page of Saturday, Jan. 15, with the professional snowboarder Shawn White as he slides a rail on Friday during the Sessions men’s rail jam at Gold Peak in Vail: Nice job, Shawn. I’ve tried that for years and I couldn’t do it. I’ll keep working at it, though.Vail, Colorado

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