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A mag, mag worldIt’s not enough to change oil in three of your vehicles on a Sunday and find everything underneath your vehicles with a full layer of rust on it, brand new. But to come home from Denver, and my thermometer says 30 degrees on Monday evening around 8 o’clock, with a fresh layer of mag on our roads. Guess what, government, you’re not allowed to put mag on when the temperature’s over 28 degrees because it makes the roads hazardous. Imagine that, government doing whatever they want. Gee, keep putting poison on our roads, ruining our vehicles, ruining our health. I thank you very much for this opportunity to voice my opinion.Late night optionJust a quick call to let people know there’s another late night option out there. Art’s Bar across from Pazzo’s is actually serving food pretty late now in the village. Friends and I stopped in there last week like quarter to one and we had a full menu available. Just wanted to let everybody know there’s another option out there. Pretty good. Water’s horribleWould you please do a story on why the water in Eagle County tastes and smells so offensive we can’t even brush our teeth with it. I wonder if the water company is drinking it?Where’s he been?Has Don Cohen been under a rock? Does he not know all the redevelopment that has being built or has been approved in Vail, all of it for economic development? His article sounds like a paid lobbyist. We don’t need that in this valley.Vail, Colorado

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