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Wrong helpI’m calling on the article about the federal funds available for youth training. Again, here we are looking at helping these children 14-21 years achieve their career goals. Who are we going to help in this situation? The people that are going to be going after this help again are the illegal ones. Why aren’t we focusing and helping the children from the United States? How many people in the United States are really eligible to get food stamps, especially here in Eagle County. There are few Eagle County people born and raised here who are qualifying for food stamps. They ones that are qualifying are the illegal people that are here, and this is going to be helping these people. I just don’t get it, Eagle County. We need to help the people from Eagle County that were born and raised here, not people in Eagle County that are illegal. Let’s get a life, and start helping people from Eagle County that were born and raised here.Sure, let drunks on roadsWith all the true and scary stories we have in Eagle County about all our police officers overstepping their bounds and not protecting and serving, it’s really nice to read that letter written about the fellow who brought the inebriated lady home. She didn’t know where she was and she drank too much on New Year’s Eve and it was nice to see. One way, because you can’t fight the cops, is just tell your friends not to visit that town. Don’t ever recommend the restaurants, and pretty soon the towns will learn. Leave people alone and quit overstepping their bounds.Instant expert?It’s amazing what becoming the chairman of the Board of County Commissioners will do for you. Now all of a sudden Arn Menconi is a livestock expert. The closest he’s ever been to livestock is at the petting zoo in Chicago.The fogCan’t somebody do something about the fog created by the Gypsum Wallboard plant? We had a United Airlines flight from Denver cancel yesterday, one American flight sat on the runway for four hours, another one for two hours, and both an American Airlines flight and a Delta flight had to divert to Denver and refuel after circling for 1-1/2 hours over the airport, all because of the fog created by this plant that sat over the runway. I realize that the airport sits in a valley, and that the warm weather contributes to the fog, but once the fog is almost all gone, you can still see a mushroom cloud over this plant. Can’t the county force them to do something so we can avoid this situation?Drinking the stuff?Why do we keep putting mag chloride on the roads when it’s sunny out? If we have to prep the roads with this stuff 365 days a year, I can’t see why it’s more cost effective than some other forms of deicer for the roads that are probably a lot safer. …Here’s an ideaIf you guys are crazy enough to put up a convention center that looks like a mushroom with a tree sticking out of it, why don’t you try something that will look really cool, a 10-story igloo that will provide plenty of space for lots of conventions and all your friends and bowling alleys and it will be terribly unique and then you can paste advertisements and logos all over? You can sell cubes in the block to individual sponsors and donations.Editor’s note: The Crossroads design is for six stories about ground, not 10. It would be slightly shorter than the planned Four Seasons nearby in Vail. AccountabilityI think that children that get cars from their parents, minors, and then they’re drinking and driving kill and or/get pulled over for DUIs, I think the parents should be accountable for it, too. There’s a lot of it going on in this town.Lacking own adviceHey, Don. Just read your Quicktakes in Friday’s paper. If you’re going to push your publisher’s agenda, at least you should get your facts straight on the conference center in Crossroads. Geez, Don. Open your eyes. Get your facts straight.Vail Colorado

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