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Makes sense to meI am wholly in support of the ballot questions as presented by Arn Menconi on Eaton Ranch. It just seems the only logical thing that we need to go forward with. Eagle made outFirst off, I’d like to say hats off and thank you to Arn and Peter for voting for the open space in Edwards. The one thing that disturbed me about the article that I read Friday is the comment the Eagle people made about Edwards getting the lion’s share of the monies lately. Maybe that’s true lately, but if you look over time, how long have you had ball fields in Eagle folks? My kids have to drive every night 30 miles or more round trip to Eagle to play baseball in the summer, and we’ve done that for 10 years. Eagle has a pool, has had a pool forever. Now they have a second pool, right? For years before Eagle Ranch and some of the bigger subdivisions went in, Eagle didn’t have much tax base to throw into the pot, but yet they had all the amenities. Now it’s kind of flip flopped. Edwards is throwing a lot of money into the tax base, into WECMRD, and a lot of other things, and people are starting to squawk.Entrapment!Last night I was driving from Vail to Eagle-Vail after work, about 11:30 p.m. As usual the brand new state-of-the-art stoplight at Exit 169 was stuck on red. This happens all the time. It will not turn to green late at night. I admit being frustrated many times and running the red. Back to last night, I was stuck once again behind a pile of cars waiting for a light that wouldn’t turn green. The first car finally made a move and ran the red. Bam. Instant flashing lights and sirens for that poor guy. The cops had to be lying in wait, looking at that pile of cars, waiting for the light that never turns green and knowing that he had an impatient sitting duck. It was entrapment like I have never seen before. No wonder the cops in Eagle County have such a bad reputation. … Anyone you talk to anymore hates the cops. Whatever happened to protect and serve? Eagle County cops are despised for their tactics, and I personally am fed up with them.Language issueIn your Friday, Jan. 21, Tipsline section it says “Likes prices, though.” I agree. I am sick and tired of trying to ask someone a question and they don’t understand English. You want to come to this country and work, at least learn English. I am sick of trying to deal with people that can’t speak our language. I don’t speak theirs. I’m not in their country. Not in our handsHey, this is for the terrain park crybaby: Talk to God about the snow. We can’t do anything about that.Vail, Colorado

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