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Other needs?Commissioner Runyon stated at the open space meeting on Thursday night that open space is such a great idea that we should raise the open space mill levy from 1.5 mills to 3 mills. Runyon must not think your property taxes are high enough. The county spent $2 million in 2004 for open space, then $6 million in 2005 for open space. Does Commissioner Runyon want to spend $12 million in 2006? Are we spending more on open space than taking care of the basic needs of the citizens of Eagle County?Shame on themTom Stone is right. The latest budget process required the employees of Eagle County to make sacrifices to balance the county budget. To balance the general fund, employee monthly contributions for health care doubled. Employee co-pay for a doctor visit doubled. Employee prescription costs doubled. The number of allowed doctor visits was capped. The merit pay increases pool for employees was eliminated for 2005. Now we find out there was over 3 million extra dollars in the general fund to buy open space. This is no way to treat honest, hard-working employees. Shame on the county commissioners.Send illegals homeI’m just reading your Tipsline. I love you guys at the Vail Daily. All these people getting pissed off about illegal aliens. I think I know how to solve this. Let’s be able to turn them in. If you turn them in, you get $100 … . You find an illegal, you get a reward. Turn them in. Let’s get them out of here. Let’s give Americans their jobs. I want to work. I don’t want to have everything out-sourced. It’s bad for our economy. The community needs to eliminate out-sourcing and illegal aliens. These people have got to go now. The population of the world is exploding. We need the people in the community to earn the money and buy local products. Get the illegals and the out-source people out of here for good. Let’s get the rewards going, get the money up, there’s millions here. Somebody better get on the ball. Help us out.That’s No. 1?Vail might be the No. 1 ski resort, but you would never guess by the trash in front of the West Vail Safeway. Have the employees of Safeway lost their pride? Please remember, your attention to detail reflects on our whole community.What a hamIt’s sad for the citizens of Minturn that our local farm animal has escaped and is now running amok teaching safety in Vail, and he’s Pork Chop the safety pig. But at least it pridens us that our farm animal is doing something for good and humanity.Has to tail-gate?I’d just like to respond to a Tipsline here: “Stop tail-gating me.” I’d like to say if you’d pull over we wouldn’t have to tail-gate you, and remember courtesy is a two-way street. If you would pull over and let people drive faster that would like to drive faster, that is a way of being courteous. Oh, deal with itSome of you hate me. Some of you curse me. I am one of the slow pokes on Highway 6. No, I’m not a tourist, nor an illegal alien. I’m a mom, and if you looked in my car, you would see poking up from the back seat a car seat containing the precious cargo I feel it’s my duty to keep safe. 22-month-old Kendall. A speed limit is just that, an upper limit. That does not mean we all have to drive that fast. We bought a place in the valley to get away from stress and uptight drivers. Perhaps those stressed out uptight drivers who feel the need to meet or exceed speed limits should move back to wherever they came from to be around their own kind. Those of us trying to relax and take it easy here in the valley won’t miss them. You may use my name. Deirdre Noble.Well, turn it upI found the letter from Mary Claire Wright of Vail that her and her boyfriend got charged $15 for a slice and a beer each, and because they were over-charged they left a little bit of change on the bar and the manager for an employee threw the change at them. All I have to say is, I think more people should take the “Turn It Up” class in Vail. That’s $150 to the Vail Valley Chamber of Commerce, $45 for the class times 800 people. You do the math. I’ll tell you what, though, being a decent human being, priceless, and not having to pay for it. But you know what? I got a ski pass, and I had to pay for all that crap.Just a mascotIn regards to all the brouhaha over the Pork Chop pig for Vail Ski Patrol, for those who don’t know, the pig has been a longtime mascot for ski patrols around the nation, and it’s supposed to be meant as a light-hearted reminder of safety. It’s supposed to be a fun, kid-friendly mascot. Lighten up, everybody. It’s not so serious.Must be mag’s faultI’ve been watching CDOT for the past 10 days just lay down mag chloride like it was water, ever since Wednesday’s last powder day. So I really wonder what went on with this truck that rolled over just a little east of East Vail. Gosh, you’d think with all that mag chloride the truck wouldn’t be rolled over on it’s side. Something’s wrong here. … Vail, Colorado

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