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I just read the letter “Bomb Iraq,” by Beth Reilly, in the Sunday Vail Daily letters to the editor. I was wondering if you could check your files for her letters about President Clinton when he used military action many times to divert attention away from his Monica Lewinsky affairs.

Noisy airport

I was woken the other morning by a noisy neighbor. This had happened many times before so I decided to call the sheriff’s department and report a noise complaint. The deputy said there was nothing he could do, this neighbor was exempt from any noise ordinance. That’s right, it was the Eagle County Airport. I’ve seen a bunch of articles in this paper saying how great the airport is. Well it’s not very great for Eagle and Gypsum residents. It’s noise pollution and a threat to our quality of life. When I spoke to Tom Stone about this, he seemed delighted about my problem. I guess it means his business is doing well. It seems to me the county commissioners want to make Eagle and Gypsum a welcome mat ghetto for Vail and Aspen. Because that’s who’s making money off this airport. Twenty percent of the traffic goes to Aspen. And yet all of the impact is on Eagle and Gypsum. Our quality of life and the property value of our homes is at stake, which is one of the most important investments for us non-millionaires. And why is this facility exempt from town noise ordinance? You don’t think they’d let a plane fly low over Bachelor Gulch, do you? I’ve heard planes landing at 1 and 3:30 in the morning. It’s time for all of us homeowners and renters to get together and petition against this airport. We have to protect our quality of life and our property values. Our local politicians will not help us with this problem. So remember this when it comes time to vote.

Crying foul

My subject is about “very disappointed.” I went to the game last Friday and I was really disappointed the way the refs are calling the game. We go to pay our money to watch them play right and to make good calls and why are they doing this? There’s three refs out there, and they can’t call the game right. I don’t understand this. They don’t need the refs to win their games for them. I think they can do this on their own.

Foot in mouth

This morning I was watching the Fox news channel and it was Senator Wayne Allard on the interview and he said, yeah come skiing in Colorado, we’re in the throes of a drought. How stupid. And then he corrected it, oh yeah, it’s really nice dry powder skiing. Do these people not want anyone to come visit us in Colorado? The whole tourism thing is crazy.

Ramble on

I’m reading the Vail Daily on the 23rd of January. Couple of comments about the Tipsline. The driven mad one, yeah I agree with her. People are rude on the road. When you see somebody driving like a madman, you call the cops and they tell you that you have to sign a complaint and that you have to take time off to go to court because I guess that they’re too busy. Or you see them in restaurants, donut shops, no sense of patrolling the roads. Let’s see some speeding tourists pulled over. Like a highway patrol sergeant told me in Denver, we have orders from the governor not to write tickets to tourists because they may not come back. About the water storage, it took Denver and all them communities till what, August, to put in water restrictions? They should have them water restrictions last year as soon as April and May. They knew the drought was coming, so these people need to start using their heads better and letting the rivers run wild because look at the nice stretch by the Shoshone plant, it’s all dried up. That’s what we’re headed for.

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