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So get up earlierJust a quick word about the two whiners complaining about the traffic on Highway 6 around Arrowhead. Surely you must understand that not everyone is a lunatic driver like you. On the snowy days, sure, the traffic is slower. So you ignoramuses get a grip, buy an alarm clock and get up 10 minutes earlier to allow for the courteous drivers that you are so eager to run off the road in your haste to get to work.Park at homeI’m calling in regards to Bob’s letter. First off, Bob, as a local, the best place to park for free is your house. Ride the bus. Second off, the construction workers, they carry tools, and not your sorry lazy … who is not willing to walk down the street. Park at home.Davos dooMy tip of the day is “doggie doo Davos” and that’s in regards to the Davos hiking trail on which all those loving pet owners love to walk their dogs, but don’t necessarily understand that it is a public walking area, and there’s plenty of people that use it who don’t have dogs. If these owners could please pick up after their animals so all of us doggie doo haters don’t have to look and step in their dog’s waste material would be wonderfully appreciated, and that is coming from doggie doo haters anonymous.HumanitarianI read with great interest the story on Dana Brosig written by Cliff Thompson, and also the letter written by Peter Bergh about that story. In it he says, “I am delighted that finally there is a glimmer of hope that the news media in the United States will begin to focus on what is clearly a preponderance of good news about the situation in Iraq.” The only good that can come out of that place is if we get all of our people out of there and drop as many things out of the sky as possible. And made one big laundry pile and then threw an American flag on it and said, “Anybody else?” Figure it out.Vail, Colorado

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