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Tough to takeI’m calling about Don Rogers’ comments in Quick Takes regarding Bush’s second inauguration. Yes, we both agree that the inauguration was a bit rich and full of misplaced pomp and circumstance, but I take exception with the statement of “Hey, we voted for the guy, and would again as long as Kerry is the excuse for competition.” Mr. Rogers is entitled to his opinion about Kerry, but “we” didn’t vote for Bush, he did, and should have stated it that way. Almost half of this nation didn’t vote for Bush, the majority of Eagle County didn’t vote for Bush, and I didn’t vote for Bush. In the future he should speak for himself, not for me.Editor’s note: News flash, Mr. Bush won the election. Sorry. ScapegoatingI’ve called twice and I was never put in. I called concerning the complaints about illegal Mexicans and the driving on the highway in Edwards and Arrowhead. I’m an American, I have a lot of friends that are Mexicans and they are legal to work here, they’re very hard workers and I can imagine if Eagle County had a lot of blacks and Asians if they would be complaining about them, too. Just note that not only Mexicans are doing wrong around here. You’re always blaming them for everything they do. My name is Susan.School zoneI did not know that blind people could drive. People driving on Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail, when the lights are flashing for the school zone in the morning and evening just ignore those flashing lights like they’re not even there. They’re doing 45-50 mph in a school zone. No one’s gotten hurt yet, and there have been no accidents, but I think the Eagle County sheriff’s deputies should be sitting in these school zones when these lights are flashing. I see the Avon police officers all the time sitting at the elementary school during school zones, and I think Eagle County should stop sitting in the Beaver Creek east lot talking to each other in two different cars. Maybe they should sit in the school zone. It would bring a whole lot more revenue to Eagle County if you would bust people in those school zones. Or, maybe CDOT should put up more flashing lights, bigger lights, bigger signs, saying that there is a school zone. Somebody has to do something, because everyone is just flying up and down Eagle-Vail. Vail, Colorado

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