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Who needs parks?Open space use? The question should be how many neighborhood parks do we need in Vail? We have a financial crisis in our little town. We can’t afford to build a third fire station, or revamp fire station central. We have Donovan Park, one block away from Donovan Middle Bench. Middle Bench would make fine building sites for upscale houses. It’s far too valuable a piece of land for any more low-income housing, and honestly, with a fine park one block away, who dares to say we need another park? Why is it Vail residents refuse to be practical and prudent? If you put it to the vote, many folks would happily see some lots sold at $700,000-900,000 or more each than to see another little pocket park. We all have back yards for kids to play in and a great supply of existing pocket parks. At present, we are completing the great Pirate Park at the cost of over $300,000. We have just finished a new gymnastics center. Isn’t that enough for awhile? How about a real monetary turn to our town treasury. Let’s sell some land.Another woundRe: “Need to help the people from Eagle County that were born and raised here, not people in Eagle County that are illegal,” good news. I just learned that we are going to have a five-day-a- week kindergarten. Bad news, free-reduced students, who do NOT have to be legal here, get in at much lower monthly fees. Parents of legal students who do not want to pay the monthly tuition fee get the half-day kindergarten, which means their children simply do not receive the afternoon “specials” of art, music and PE. Seems to me that if you do not pay your child’s way, and are breaking U.S. federal law, then one shouldn’t receive the “extras” at all unless you are fully paying for it like the legal taxpaying residents do. Students need main curriculum only. Art and music are wants. And you can’t always have everything you want. At least that is how I was raised. Didn’t like photoRegarding the Eaton Ranch, are you guys confused, lazy, or you just consider accurate, truthful reporting to be a goal to be pursued, and not really a principle to base your business on? Once again, the Vail Daily has proven that it’s a mirror of its management, and not a paper that is interested in reporting the news, even in a remotely factual manner. If the Daily were the least bit interested in integrity, accuracy, and public trust, it would make an attempt to check the facts before stories are written and pictures published. Unfortunately, as a 17-year veteran and resident of our valley, I’ve read enough inaccuracies in the Daily to assume that everything you guys print is incorrect until proven otherwise. Your recent stance on the Eaton Ranch is just one very small example of why your credibility as a newspaper cannot be relied on in a shot. All the pictures that I’ve seen in the Daily are extremely misleading. They show the wetlands and flood plains to the west of the 72 acres in question, and very little, if any, of the parcel that is slated for preservation. How can you use your newspaper as a tool to educate and inform the public if you can’t get the very basics correct. I wish this was an aberration, but your track record certainly indicates differently. This may sound old-fashioned, but people will respect the truth whether they like it or not, and you guys have a long ways to go.Editor’s note: The picture in question did show the wetlands and flood plain in the foreground and the gravel pit in the background. The Daily’s photographers have since published photos of the Eaton parcel in the foreground. Blue moon momentHere I thought it was only Mike Cacioppo who dared swim upstream with the correct but non-PC thinkers. Low and behold, Don Rogers is, too. Will wonders never cease? Two quotes taken from his last two commentaries: “The conservatives are today’s liberals and the liberals have become conservative” and “whatever Eagle County calls it, the (county master plan) document is a joke.” You’re right. Keep up the good work, Don Rogers. We like you and obviously for a good reason. Another Happy Valley-ite who ain’t too happy with the arrogant governmental stupidity surrounding all of us. H.M.Shouldn’t cost extraI’m just … reading your paper today about the kindergarten class. I think everyone should be available to take kindergarten five days week. Just give them a pad and a place to nap in the afternoon and go on from there. And there shouldn’t be any extra charges to do whatever. If the school district can’t afford it, maybe they should decrease the amount they pay to the administrators so we can afford to educate our children.

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