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Sure, GeorgeGeorge Bush said that the elections in Iraq were a resounding success. I’d like to say that George, mission accomplished, and if you can’t see the irony in that, you haven’t been paying attention.I agreeI wish to respond to the Tipsline called “Send illegals home.” I wish the caller, Marty Lich, would call in again. She has a lot more information regarding this, I am sure. Good job to the Tipsliner on using the correct, although unacceptable to the media, wording “illegal alien.” Second point, I like the idea of bounty money for head-hunting, but Gov. Owens won’t. He endorses more ways for illegal aliens to circumvent U.S. law, and just promoted via the Web an illegal alien “How To Circumvent U.S. laws” guidebook. But there is hope. The Defend Colorado Now initiative, which will stop all freebies other than true ER only care and K-12 schooling. There is also the ability to report to the IRS without disclosure and receive reward money for ANY employer hiring them, a federal offense. Our government doesn’t care about you, except Tom Tancredo, of course. The IRS does care about its money though. They are your only hope for your future right now. Not Bush and most definitely not Owens. …Looking out for kidsIn response to the reader who sarcastically stated that Arn Menconi thought he was a now livestock expert because he was chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. As a parent of children who are participating in the 4-H animal raising program in Eagle, I want to thank Mr. Menconi and Mr. Runyon for taking a step back and take a good hard look at what could turn out to be a $2.5 million white elephant at the Eagle County Fairgrounds. The discussion for the building of this $2.5 million structure started when the old barn was burned down and the children who had been using this barn to raise their animals were promised that $50,000, the amount it would have cost to move the barn, would be used to construct a facility for them to raise 4-H projects. By the time that Commissioners Stone and Gallagher, and the Eagle County Fair Board were done planning, and I use that term loosely, the facility, it was to be a multimillion dollar event center with no place for kids to raise their animals, forcing them to use the existing livestock facility at the fairgrounds, which was never constructed or intended for that use and is a poor excuse for a facility to raise animals in. Mr. Menconi may not be a livestock expert, but his past involvement with the youth of Eagle County proves he understands our kids and programs that are beneficial to them. Thanks, Mr. Menconi and Mr. Runyon, for watching out for our children’s needs and not letting self-serving interests steal $50,000 from one of the greatest youth programs in Eagle County.In a hurryI’d just like to respond to Ms. Noble’s letter on the Highway 6 controversy. When I moved here, I don’t know how many years ago, it used to take me 10 minutes to get to work. Now because of people like her, it takes me 25 minutes to get to work, so I’m constantly late for work because they don’t want to drive an acceptable rate of speed. I understand there’s an upper speed limit, but there’s such a thing as driving too slow, and statistics prove that when you have disparities in speeds between vehicles, that’s when it’s dangerous. So when she thinks she’s being safe, she’s actually being quite dangerous. Second of all, she’s the one that should move back to wherever she came from, since it’s her type that’s screwing up the valley. And if she wants to relax and take it easy she should take public transportation. We have an excellent system here. Meanwhile, some of us need to go to work, and work our three jobs so we can live around people like her. That’s our moneyThe Jan. 31 Vail Daily reported the county commissioners gave Habitat for Humanity $67,500. They didn’t give away their money, they gave away your money. The function of the county government is to provide services to the citizens. If the county government is collecting more money than the services cost, then they should reduce your taxes, not just give you money away. While Habitat for Humanity is a worthy cause, would you choose to add a couple of dollars to your property tax bill for Habitat when you send in your taxes? The county commissioners continue to spend your tax dollars on things you didn’t vote for. $2.2 million for general fund money for open space, $67,500 for Habitat for Humanity, another new car for Commissioner Menconi, a new car for Commissioner Runyon, and the list goes on. They spend, and your property taxes continue to go up.Just keep spendingI guess the town of Vail has so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Let’s redo Pete Seibert Circle again, every five to seven years. Let’s spend our taxpaying money that we all work so hard to pay in this town, especially at 9 percent. Let’s just keep spending it so the people on the board can just make new parks. Hey, I got a good idea. Let’s tear down the Donovan Pavilion and make a new Donovan Pavilion, just because it’s a year old. Way to go, board members, you’re doing a helluva job, spending our money before we even have it. That’ll bring more tourists in, that’s for sure. Seibert’s new circle will definitely bring in more people.Find Copper’s godBlaming God for not opening the terrain park is insane. Does Copper have a different God than Vail? And I suppose it was God’s fault last year, too? Come on, Vail, either expand snow-making capabilities, or make the park permanent by moving soil. Amen.Praise for VRI’d just like to call and say what a great job Vail Resorts is doing in the upkeep of our runs. Vail Mountain is in great shape and we all need to pray for a little more snow so we can have a few more powder days to ride out the season. Great job, there, VR. Keep it up.Hit the interstateWhy do you feel the need to tailgate? My answer is if you’re on I-70 you can pass me or if you’re on Highway 6 you can turn off and merge to I-70 at many points, so why should I, doing the speed limit, pull over for your impatience. Why?Multi-taskingI think there’s a drunk driver right in front of me in a white Subaru. Oh no, it’s not. It’s just some female, talking on her cell phone, drinking her Starbuck’s, with a few children in the back seat. Geez, I wish she could keep her car between the white lines and yellow lines.Just two of ’emI just read Steve Pope’s Feb. 2 commentary on Eaton Ranch and Edwards land use plan. Steve, name the commissioners who are breaking their own land use plan: Arn Menconi and his poodle Peter Runyon. I was at the commissioners meeting and saw Tom Stone trying to protect the taxpayers. …It’s the radioYou can blame lousy radio stations in the valley for another truck wreck on I-70. Tuesday’s crash was the second this winter due to drivers fiddling with the radio, trying to find something good too listen to. All the radio stations in the valley are terrible. How about playing some songs that we haven’t heard 50,000 times?Vail, Colorado

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