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Nature’s wayI’m calling about that quote from that stupid environmentalist in regards to the forest burning. This operation is a natural process, too, but that doesn’t mean we should encourage it. The whole concept of fires being natural and therefore somehow good is really stupid. In memory of Bear This letter is to all our friends and neighbors that live on or off Valley Road in Gypsum. This summer we adopted a dog that no one else wanted. We loved him and we made him a a part of our family. On Feb. 1, he escaped and was killed on Valley Road. Bear could have probably been spared if the person that hit him wasn’t speeding. The speed limit is 35 and I think people drive 50-60 miles an hour, not enough time to stop for a small dog or even a child. We only ask to have respect for each other. Slow down and watch. Thanks for honking. Cindy Meister.Sanitized this warThis is in response to Butch Mazzucca’s commentary, “War coverage needs balance”. Butch, I heard what you’re saying, buddy, but the thing that really disturbs me about this war and the balance in reporting. There isn’t a balance in reporting. Basically the administration has told the media not to show the pictures of the dead soldiers, the caskets, the bodies, all the things we saw every day in Vietnam on the TV. I can’t say that that’s good for people to see, but I think that it’s an important part of war that needs to be shown. These days, in contrary to the Vietnam area, we’ve sanitized war. It’s like a video game. There’s no blood. Nobody sees it. All we hear is Joe Blow died and he was a good boy and he was a sports figure. I feel really bad, I think it’s horrible. I’m against war for any reason, but I do think that this needs to be portrayed for what it is on the television, and I think the American people need to see what it is on the television, because we’re treating this war so very casually when it comes to death and destruction and the number of people, civilian and military, who are dying. If you want fair and balanced reporting, you should be asking for the media and the government to stop censoring these images. …Priorities?Who is Menconi really representing? The Vail Daily reported that Menconi, the only Eagle County commissioner with a seat on the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority, could not attend a Western Slope water coalition meeting in Beaver Creek because he was in Las Vegas representing the Snowboard Outreach Society. Commissioners from Grand and Summit County attended. I guess they are more dedicated to their constituents’ business than Menconi is to the citizens of Eagle County. Menconi is clearly more interested in SOS. … (Did) Eagle County funds pay for Menconi’s trip to Las Vegas, or (did he) drive his new county car to Las Vegas at taxpayers’ expense? Runyon said he didn’t attend because he wasn’t up to speed on water issues. He should have studied water issues before he ran for office.They are teams, tooI just wanted to congratulate the Daily for their coverage of the sports teams for the high schools in the Eagle Valley. I especially want to recognize them for recognizing the speech, the debate, the science club, the drama club. I think that’s really incredibly important to recognize those kids as being part of the team and being very valuable to our community. All these clubs keep the kids really busy, keep them focused and keep them off the streets and give them something else to do besides drugs and alcohol. I think this is a very valuable thing for our community, and I applaud you for doing it. Thank you very much for the recognition. Keep up the good work. My name is Janet Testwuide. Big talkI’m reading with great interest what’s going to happen in Minturn. Is this developer Mr. Ginn going to have a private golf course and private homes or will he annex into the town of Minturn? We don’t know. One thing he should be aware of is that there will be new council members in about 14 months. So things might change, hopefully for the better. What, why?Democrats, be ashamed of yourselves. Go back and rethink what the hell you’re doing on the planet. Dream onSo who’s going to be first? It’s got to be one of these lawyers here in the valley. Talking about a class action lawsuit. … Mag chloride is crap. We’ve got to get it off our roads and use that sand like in the olden days.Sewage plant smellsWhat’s the deal with the sewage plant in Edwards? I go to work at 1 o’clock in the morning it stinks, if I go to work at 7 o’clock, if I go to work at 3 in the afternoon, it stinks. Whenever I go home, it stinks. I just don’t understand. I wonder if the town of Avon or Edwards or the Sanitation District can get their act together. It stinks at all times of the day. Just wanted to know if somebody was going to do something about it.Vail, Colorado

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