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Dopers on hillLast Sunday, marijuana wasn’t an illegal drug. If you ski at Beaver Creek, you’d never know it. Waiting for the Express, a guy came up and said no one should ride with him unless they wanted to smoke pot, in front of children, skiers and lifties. Lifties kept their heads down and just laughed. As we were riding up, inhaling secondhand dope smoke, getting high two miles up was no joke. We stopped at the Ski Patrol at the top of the lift, and they told us there was nothing they could do and the guy was a tool for not going to the trees to get high. Thank you, Vail, for caring so much for skier safety. Thanks for making a do-gooder feel like a tool for trying to do something right. Instead of caring so much about lifties making $5 for catching pass frauds, let’s pay all mountain employees for trying to catch these dopeheads. Do we have to wait for somebody to die until we do something? Let’s go, let’s get these jackasses off the mountain.I’d be a rich manThis is in response to the person who called in about the illegal immigrants. If I got $100 for every time someone complained about the illegal immigrants, I’d be rich. First of all I think you are mad at the wrong person. You should be mad at our government for not providing enough jobs for everyone. The jobs that our economy does provide right now require no skills or highly technical training. There really are not many jobs for blue-collar workers that require some skills and training. One thing I would like to know is what jobs are they taking from you. Please list them for me. You have a lot of time on your hands, use it to find yourself a job in the classifieds. Let me know if you need help. I’ll find something for you. Fabio.Take a hikeIs this the Tipsline or the whine line? I am so tired of the whiners calling in to complain about their petty issues. If you’re not complaining about mag chloride, then it’s slow drivers or highway noise or flagpoles even. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, but your negative attitudes blind you to it all. You people are wasting your breath, and the air up is here is thinner, remember. Here’s my tip. Use your energy in a positive way. Take a hike along one of the area’s numerous trails, or a powder run through Vail’s back bowls, or a raft trip down the river. Do something fun and stop whining, or get out of here. But if you still must complain about something, at least address the biggest problem. Keanu Reeves getting a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.Selling us down riverWell, I certainly hope that the people in the valley who voted for Mr. Tom Stone as our commissioner are proud of themselves for electing someone who’s selling out our water rights to the Front Range. Tom’s just … setting himself up for a larger position down there with Billy Boy Owens, so you guys better figure it out. This guy’s not for our county, he’s for himself, and this vote to screw with the recreational use of the water is a good example.Stepping StoneI can’t believe that Tom Stone has the gall to say that he is supporting Senate Bill 62 because he supports recreation and water for people to drink. Tom Stone’s problem is he is using Eagle County for a mere stepping stone to a larger political office for which he will need the Front Range vote in order to get there. He works for the Front Range, he does not work for Eagle County, and everyone needs to know that. Thank goodness he’s only got two years left here. What gall you have, Tom Stone. You should be ashamed.Pleased customerMy name’s Ed. I’ve been a local here in the valley for quite some time, and I’m just calling to let everybody in the valley know what an excellent sales staff they have down at Castle Peak Automotive. I’ve been buying cars in Denver pretty much my whole time here in the valley and I was in there the other day and I was amazed at how quick they got me in and out of here and how friendly and laid back and what a pleasurable experience it was. I’d just like to encourage everybody else to maybe give those guys down there a shot, because I believe you should keep business local and those guys just took really super good care of me. Ain’t rightCould someone please tell me when grooming Meadow Mountain became acceptable?Bring back MoonshineBring back the hip in Beaver Creek’s Moonshine terrain park. We want it back.Vail, Colorado

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