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Essential educationIt is outrageous that you would say that art and music and PE are wants that shouldn’t be part of the required curriculum. They’re essential to the complete well-rounded education. Statistics show that kids that get involved in things like art and music and sports end up with better grades later on. As if this country doesn’t have enough of an obesity problem with its kids. Taking away PE so that they never have any physical activity? Lighten up!Some guy just tried to fight me in the Wal-Mart shopping lot over something completely insignificant. Are you serious? Is life in the valley really that stressful and hard that you need to fight somebody in the supermarket parking lot?Need better aimThis is for the young man who just drove through McDonald’s in his company vehicle, a transportation company here in town, hope he knows who he is. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. The piece of trash that you threw at the garbage can and missed was picked up by someone who left the restaurant, but it sure would be nice if you not only had respect for your company, yourself, and for our community and pick up your trash as you go. Uneven playing fieldCompetition is a foundation for what made this country great. That was said by Mr. Craft, owner of the Patriots after winning the Super Bowl Sunday night. When people hire undocumented workers, the playing field is not equal. Our system gets cheated, our citizens get cheated, our communities go to hell and the middle class is destroyed. We need to band together, because a lot of people are having rough times right now. Call INS at 303-371-3841, ext. 223, and talk to Mr. Ruko. He’s the head of investigations to help our community go forward.Lesson planI have a tip for all of you rental car agencies and rental vehicle agencies at Eagle County airport and at Denver International Airport. I was thinking it might cut down on stupid maneuvers if every time we rented a car out to a tourist from a different state or whatever coming into our state for vacation to ski, maybe we should give them a short briefing, a piece of paper, whatever, how to use the roundabouts. Not to change lanes in the middle of the roundabout, to stay in the outside lane if you’re going to make a turn, maybe that would cut down on some of the stupid maneuvers that go on in these roundabouts. That or just putting in a town ordinance on banning cell phone use while you’re driving.TAP is hell… As an ex-Eagle County School District teacher of seven years and a parent volunteer who’s in my child’s school at least three times a week, I know the impact that TAP is having and will continue to have on our teachers, their families and our children. My child needs a quality education that I know is best received through an experienced teacher. I don’t want to see cutbacks in programs like music, PE and art. I don’t want to see class sizes increase. I want my child to receive a well-balanced education from experienced teachers. I don’t want TAP to continue to drive out teachers who my child and other children need in the classroom. TAP has not provided an environment that is encouraging and supportive to teachers. TAP has not developed positive and happy teachers. Teachers don’t want to evaluate other teachers. The teachers have cooperated out of fear of losing their jobs.Thanks for helpMany thanks to Vail Resorts for providing lift tickets and a gathering room for “The Celebration of Life” for Jean McGuey at Eagle’s Nest, Sunday, Jan. 30. Friends of Jan McGueyHostile environmentIn a recent conversation with a cashier at a gas station in Edwards, I was informed the reasoning behind the higher gas prices in Edwards and Vail was because of the “well-heeled” tourists and second -home owners who visit the Vail area. When I asked, “What about the local clientele who aren’t as well-heeled and who more often than not work two jobs just for daily survival?” she simply stated, “Those are the breaks.” While there are many establishments that offer “locals discounts,” this negative attitude towards the working clientele seems to prevail here in the valley. How shameful!A.J. had substationI’m calling about the article on the new sheriff’s substation in Edwards. The article praises Sheriff Hoy for establishing this substation in this growing busy area of Edwards. It, however, fails to mention that years ago Sheriff A.J. Johnson established a substation right in the middle of the busier Riverwalk area. It was under Sheriff Hoy’s administration that the first substation was closed down. I think it’s great that we have a substation there, but I think the foresight and praise should go to Sheriff Johnson.Not bigotryFor Tipsliner “Prejudiced” and your comment, “Just because the illegals are working here,” Read this:, “Hello Mr. President. Remember Me, the United States Taxpayer?” Then realize this has nothing to do with prejudice and everything to do with breaking the laws this country is founded on. Key word is – and you said it – illegal. Look that word up in any dictionary. H.M.Drinking it againWhat an entertaining letter by Jamie Glennon from Eagle about the guy who complained about the deer in Wildridge being a nuisance. Well, as far as I’m concerned, people are a nuisance and if you don’t want any deer you can either do two things. Move back to the city where you came from, or just start spreading mag chloride, because that would kill everything, and you wouldn’t have to have any deer.Unsafe ridingOK, drivers. If you’re not allowed to put your children in the front seat on your lap unbuckled, why would you let a Labrador, or some other mid-sized dog sit on your lap? If you ever got into an accident, the airbag would go off, and the dog’s head would smash your face. It doesn’t make sense. If you don’t have children and you love your dog, why wouldn’t the dog ride in the back? Very, very strange people. If you do have children, are you going to let them sit on your lap? I guess the Humane Society is going to have to get involved with that for animal neglect.Just too slowI’d just like to comment on the “In a hurry” Tipsline. I’m a longtime local. I moved twice to get away from gridlock and overcrowding and I also have unfortunately seen my drive time more than double each way because of the selfish slowpokes. To me that means something like an hour a day of my life wasted that I’ll never get back because of these folks. Why? Because people are selfish and driving 15 or 20 in a 55 zone is nothing but selfish. In a hurry? I’m not in a hurry at all. Some of us just feel that to live in a society means individuals need to be responsible to the rest of society, i.e. to pay attention, to not constantly be in the way, or keep people from a reasonable place. Again, 15 or 20 in a 55 zone is not reasonable.Isn’t there a law?I’m just calling about multi-tasking. That’s pretty funny. I was starting to think there was a law in the books around here that women aren’t allowed to drive without a cell phone stuck to their ear. Higher placeThis is for the caller looking for Coppers’ god. Vail did build a lot of berms up in the terrain park so that they will use les water and the base area of Copper is roughly equivalent to Mid-Vail, so they do have a higher elevation from which to make snow.Vail, Colorado

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