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Better safe …In response to the Tipsline caller who complained about Ms. Noble’s letter about driving safely, it seems to me this caller needs to leave his or her house 30 minutes earlier. I don’t care when he or she moved here, but perhaps they have a responsibility to be safe on the roads as well as Ms. Noble. Or are you one of the over-confident SUV owners that believes their vehicle is so invincible in the snowy conditions that it is not necessary for you to be cautious, as well? Better safe than sorry, I say.Poor horsesI just watched the parade on Bridge Street. Why couldn’t they leave the poor horses out of it? Out of all this human, wild, loud celebrations. Those two poor horses were clinging to each other. Obviously, they were very scared of what was going on. The cars honking, the people screaming. It brought tears to my eyes. I feel so bad for those animals. …Vail, Colorado

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