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Conspiracy theoryI don’t know who Art Allard is, but I like him. His letter to the editor, “Too rich,” regarding the hypothesis of Harry Frampton and his fellow predators is hilarious. What most people don’t realize is the depth of the monopoly in Eagle County. Vail Resorts owns a 50 percent stake in Slifer, Smith and Frampton real estate. East West Partners is a Vail Resorts development company. Hasn’t anyone, like the feds, noticed that almost nothing but Vail Resorts, East West development projects get approved and developed? Yes, the token occasional development is permitted by other developers, but not the big stuff. The reason Eaton Ranch was not approved was more likely because Vail Resorts was not the developer, not because of some altruistic land preservation motive. Why is Crossroads having such a hard time? Not a Vail Resorts project. Why will the conference center be approved? Surely not because it’s such a great idea. No, it’s a Vail Resorts project. Citizens of Eagle County, get a clue. You’re being had.Parking rageThis is to the fellow who lives up on Kinnickinnick. That parking space really isn’t yours, and the one next to it isn’t either. I asked you nicely if you wanted the car moved and with class in front of your daughter and your wife you shouted at me. That shows real class, and then you have the gall to go and put a sign on my windshield telling me you’ll have me ticketed and towed. Sure, pal. Why don’t you buy yourself some class and a coach ticket right across the pond to Australia. OK, Pal? Have a nice day.Too much groomingI’m a free dogging hard core local and I’m calling about the grooming on Vail Mountain. I think they do an excellent job in grooming, but it’s getting out of hand. They groomed South Rim. What’s next? Highline? This is insane. There’s nothing left for the free doggers. Give us a break. Leave some bumps. There’ll be nothing left for the free doggers. Yee haw.Happy in MinturnWith all the hoopla the last few years about the Avon Post Office being so bad, I feel so proud to live in a town like Minturn where my post office buddies are just great, great people, and they do an excellent job. Now the town needs to get the rest of their worthless mayhem straightened out.Laughing with CliffI’m just laughing along with Cliff Thompson on this article about the Gates, that expired building site next to Beaver Creek with Chateau St. Dare. Can you believe that they got out of building affordable housing by paying the town of Avon $100,000 that would be used by the town to build affordable housing elsewhere? What do they think they’re going to do? Is that enough to get a chicken coop for an employee? That’s funny.Above the lawI’m a long time Vail resident and just wanted to make a comment on the fantastic doormen and bouncers at the Vail clubs who are above the law. Walked by a bar in Vail. … The bouncer felt he was above the law and was beating up somebody in the street, telling him to get out of the street. Way to go, employers, hiring bouncers who are above the law.Still illegalThis is to “Prejudiced” in the Tipsline. I think what’s overlooked in this whole argument about illegal aliens coming here and working isn’t whether they work hard. I have no doubt that they work hard. I’ve seen it, they work hard. But still, to be here illegally is a felony in this country, and that’s the way our laws are written, just as we have laws that make other things felonies. Alrighty thenI would just like to say that I think City Editor Matt Zalaznick is so talented. Not only does he write great editorials, but he was awesome in “Napoleon Dynamite.”Vail, Colorado

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