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Just looks fastThis is in regards to numbers on the back of employees’ jerseys for going too fast. I’d just like to let you know that while we may be going very, very fast in what looks like to you is out of control is more precise and thought out than any move you made all day on the mountain. I’m also friends with many red jackets who ski right along side me just as fast as I do and just as well in control.Cutting in lineThere was a jackknifed truck in Dowd Junction this morning, causing a back-up on I-70 eastbound that was about two and a half miles long. I would like to compliment the vast majority of Eagle County drivers for being courteous and forming a single lane in the left lane so that the traffic moved along at a reasonable clip for all of us. There were, however, a few people who ignored the courtesy of the majority of drivers by going into the righthand lane and passing 60-80 cars and then jumping into line ahead of us. I know for a fact that you don’t have anywhere important to go, there’s no powder, the 8 inch rule is not in effect today. I also know for a fact that nobody was dying. I’m a physician and I was on my way to the emergency room when this happened, and there weren’t any critical patients there for you to go and save. Instead, I think that you are self-officious jerks and need to seriously think about whether saving 30-60 seconds is worth offending 30-60 of your neighbors. Take care.Skiing in terrorWay to go, Breckenridge. Safety at last. How about Vail? Why can’t we have a safety patrol that does more than stand in one spot and wave. Why can’t we focus on riding behavior and speed control. Just saying “space not speed” clearly isn’t working. How many collisions do we have to endure before Vail Resorts assumes some degree of interest in special checks. I refer to the more crowded slopes, Flapjack, Northwoods, Riva, Born Free, Ramshorn, and especially the merge areas before lift 2 and the Game Creek Express lift. Every time I ski there, there’s a wreck. Please, arm the yellow jackets with bullhorns and perhaps some meaningful control gates so everyone has to stop and look at that last pitch down to the lift. Boarders are now making straight beeline traveling at outrageous speeds. If anyone crosses below them, it’s going to be SV. We used to have videos at Mid-Vail that promoted good skiing. How about videos promoting safe skiing and safe boarding? Show these idiots what “space not speeds” means. Vail Resorts wants to promote fun for everyone. Well, skiing in terror is not fun for everyone. I think you can do a lot more.Here’s my ‘facts’Since you did not have the guts to publish my previous Tipsline letter, I will limit myself to facts that the citizens of Eagle County should know without any inflammatory opinions. Fact: Rod Slifer is the mayor of Vail and a member of the Town Council. Rod Slifer is a principal in Slifer, Smith and Frampton Real Estate and East West Partners. Rod Slifer votes in his capacity as a member of the Town Council, and issues related to the companies in which he is a principal. Harry Frampton is a principal at Slifer, Smith and Frampton Real Estate and East West Partners. Vail Resorts owns a 50% interest in Slifer, Smith and Frampton Real Estate. East West Partners is a Vail Resorts development company. Vail Resorts and East West Partners get all the big projects in Eagle County, such as Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Eagle Ranch and Lionshead. Projects not supported by Vail Resorts and East West Partners have a great deal of difficulty getting approved. Crossroads, Bridge Street Lodge, and Eaton Ranch. Any questions?Short-changing kidsIf we are to believe the Tipsline person who said that art, PE and music are essential items in kindergarten, then our school district is short-changing each child who does not get our tax-dollar-funded (welfare) enrollment for all-day kindergarten and whose taxpaying parents cannot afford to pay for it on their own, right?Problem not solvedThis is in regards to speeders on Vail Mountain. I agree with the person who called in. I’ve been skiing on the mountain for several years and I never see ski patrolmen doing speeders anymore. I agree there’s not a better alternative than slowing people down, and patrolmen and the white cross will really slow people down. The Yellow Jacket program, it’s not very effective. It only pleases those people who have created it. I see these young ladies and they can’t handle these speeders because these young guys are a handful. We need to see more speed control down on the lower part of China Bowl, the Blue Sky runout. It’s crazy over there, especially on Saturday. It looks to me like the Ski Patrol needs to give more presence and maybe better management. Hopefully someone wouldn’t get hurt and I think the lady who had the idea of restricting numbers has a great idea, especially as seriously injured as she is.Waste of moneyI was reading in today’s paper about the Eaton project and I have some thoughts. Do you believe everything you read? Unfortunately, most everyone does. The Edwards open space issue is a prime example. It has been said that the alternative plan for acquiring open space in Edwards would result in large stores. The developer has specifically said that this is not the case and that the commercial development would be in keeping with Edwards’ current style. It is a shame that our tax dollars are going to go to purchase land when we can have more land and better land donated by others at no cost to taxpayers. It is a complete waste of taxpayer money. It is even more unfortunate that our County Commissioner Arn Menconi came out with his opinion prior to the county meeting. It is understandable that he could come to such a decision prior to public debate when SOS relies on the Vail Valley Foundation for its support. Is this not a conflict of interest?Vail, Colorado

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