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Didn’t charge countyEditor’s note: A Tipsline caller, in an entry printed earlier this week, asked whether Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi had charged the county or driven his county-supplied car to Las Vegas for a national ski show recently. Now, a commissioner in a ski resort county such as ours could make a case justifying the expense. The county commissioners do make trips on county business as part of their work representing a constituency of ski towns and towns that support ski towns.But the answer to this caller’s questions is no. Menconi did not spend county funds or drive his county car to the event.Bit of a reachPresident Bush’s inaugural and State of the Union speeches made me think of Richie Havens singing about freedom at Woodstock. It’s nice to see that some of the good intentions of the Woodstock generation have met with some fruition.Great columnI want to commend Jim Lamont for writing a well thought out, very introspective and perspective column on the 1st of February in the commentary section. Thank you, Jim. In your last column, you said a commitment must be made to our working population that the quality of their lives will prosper. That they have a secure place in the community as a result of them granting greater political participation to all Vail citizens. That’s a great paragraph. I wish that everybody would respect what the trades have to charge in order to live here instead of squeezing the trades to have them lower their charges in order to make a living here. It is getting increasingly difficult for locals to make a living here, and it is tough for locals not to leave the valley with the high cost of living. I’d also like to comment on the current survey on Edwards incorporating. If you lived here during the early to mid-1980s, the same kind of controversy concerned whether the people and businesses in Eagle-Vail should incorporate or annex to either Vail or Avon.Vail, Colorado

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