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Told you soAttention Vail Valley residents. Great news. Vail PD and Chief Dwight have finally seen the light. Reward the drunks that decide to take a bus, taxi or the Hummer limo home with free parking till 11 a.m. It’s about time. By the way, Chief Dwight, isn’t this what the Hummer limo owner pushed for last year and you told would never be possible? Thank you. Hallelujah. The drunks are finally rewarded to not drive home drunk. I hope more programs like this will happen in the Vail Valley in time to stop the DUI. Thank you.Alternative marketThis is for the person that called in last week about dead animals on the interstate. All I have to say is umm, umm, umm, those roadkill backstraps look good.Full of himselfThis is in response to the individual who thinks Vail Resorts employees need to wear numbers on their backs. Yes, we’re not a sports team, so I don’t think that is really necessary, and I don’t think that is was every known that it’s against the rules to tree ski or ski off the catwalk walls. I think what should be done is for gapers like them, before they’re even allowed to get on a lift, are issued a bib that they can wear that says either “Beginner” or “Type I” skier so that we know who they are. Maybe what we should do is have everybody wearing helmets and big old suits like Randy in “A Christmas Story” so that when they fall down they won’t get injured so the red coats don’t have to pull their carcass off the hill. This individual claims they’ve been skiing here for 30 years. Maybe it’s time for them to move on and ski somewhere else, like maybe Aspen. I don’t know. Thanks.Real understandingThank you, Elizabeth Klaus. Finally somebody is writing into the paper that understands the deal with the Eaton Ranch. She knows the facts and she presented them well. It’s too bad that the Daily had to hide it, way in the back of the paper. Come on, Daily, too afraid to hear the real facts? The truth? What’s good for the community and not for your paper?Editor’s note: The letter to the editor led the Letters to the Editor section of the Friday, Feb. 11, edition and also led the Web edition on the most widely read paper of the week. Her opinions were hardly buried.Vail, Colorado

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