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Were you high?I’m sitting here laughing my head off at the Tipsline caller, “Dopers on the hill,” about people smoking dope at Beaver Creek on the lift. Haven’t people been smoking dope on the lift ever since they built them? It’s pretty ridiculous, the people to continually bash marijuana. You’re skiing on a mountain where Vail Associates sells thousands of gallons of alcohol every day, people skiing around under the influence. Every bar in town is full. Everybody goes apres skiing and drinks and gets drunk and drives home. I think that it’s pretty off base for anyone to say anything about people smoking pot, because if this was really a country that was concerned about being drug free, we would nix the use of alcohol first thing, because if you look around, people who are beating their wives and being belligerent sure as heck aren’t the pot smokers.Called service jobsPrejudice? Prejudice? What do you mean? Prejudice has nothing to do with it. Have you noticed that the wages are grossly out of proportion with the cost of living here? Why is that? Because people are accepting wages that are really unacceptable. If that weren’t happening, maybe we could get a higher standard of living here for the locals. Have fun. Thanks. Think snow.Mike strikes againMike Cacioppo screws school district employees again. The lawsuit to overturn 3B forced the school district to withhold their raise for two plus years. Cacioppo lost the suit, so the district paid the back pay in one lump sum in 2004. In all my years as a school district employee, I always got a tax refund. Not this year. Even though there were no changes in my withholding, taxes paid, income, interest or contributions, I have to come up with over $4,000 to pay my federal and state taxes that are due because of my higher income. Thanks, Mike. You’re not even in the county and we still have to deal with your actions.Turning other cheekIt is a shame regarding this: “The families helping assemble and deliver the holiday food baskets didn’t want to see a passport before they made a delivery. The volunteers who manage the food pantry don’t check IDs.” And the Salvation Army. See, these volunteers are now unwitting participants in a federal felony. That is why I did NO food baskets for the first time this year and why I no longer support an American-based charity organization that aids and abets felony criminal offenders, aka illegal aliens. Neither should you. Our state tax dollars do help pay for this stuff. Were you all aware of that? I wasn’t until this year. I thought only our local Eagle County tax money was given to aid and abet, courtesy of our county commissioners. What about legal needy Americans of all nationalities? …No such thingAfter numerous readers pointing out this mistake over the years, when will you ever get our geography right? The Town of Vail lies in the valley of the Gore. That bridge that you showed on Page 3 of Saturday’s paper spanning the so-called Vail Valley is actually spanning the Eagle River Valley. There is no Vail Valley. Thanks for providing a place to gripe. This is Maria Minick calling.Oh stop itThis is Spencer from Eagle again. Just three things. If you don’t like the smell, don’t move next to a sewer plant, and if you don’t like the noise, don’t move next to an interstate that’s been there long before you, and it is our bread and butter. We’re a very narrow, narrow valley. We can just fit stuff where we can put it. Now quit filling up the paper with your sob stories.Up a creekI’m calling in about the article of “Cordillera from the Ground Up” on Sunday. It says in there in big, bold print, right in the middle, calling Squaw Creek a creek is like calling a double-wide trailer a mansion. I just want everybody out there to know that it’s such a small creek because Cordillera in the summer drains that creek for their golf courses. … Vail, Colorado

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