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Government’s faultThis is in response to “Take a hike” and all the whiners in Tipsline. If you notice, all the people that are whining in Tipsline, all the topics that people are whining about, nobody can do anything about, because our government is worthless. Pretty much every topic. That’s where Tipsline comes in, so maybe government can read the paper and say hey, maybe they’re on to something. What really matters is that we’re killing our Earth and we’re disrespecting our country and its citizens. Where are we going to go when we have no more jobs?Um, one thingThis is just a tip for all those pickup truck drivers in the valley using the automatic car washes. It would be really nice if you would clean out the back of your truck before you go through the car wash so that the drier doesn’t throw your trash everywhere. Well, maybeYou know I think it was a great tip that someone let Eagle County know that we were not representing at the water board meeting by any of our county commissioners and that Arn was in Las Vegas. Way to go, Arn. You’ve done it again. At any rate, we could have had A.J. Johnson in there. That would have been the smart choice. So think before you vote next time. I know he would have been there.Lives savedMag chloride reduced accidents 72 percent in the state of Colorado. That means you and two of your friends aren’t dead because of it, so mag chloride doesn’t kill. The speed limit at Arrowhead. The key word in that sentence is “limit.” That means you can’t drive faster than 55. But if you want, you can drive slower.Quite a conversionYou can entitle this NMDIMBY, which stands for no more development in my back yard. This whole controversy regarding Eaton Ranch is quite amusing. Harry Frampton, the new champion of the environment, has opposed development at Eaton Ranch in Edwards. None of the companies he owns or is a director at, Slifer, Smith and Frampton or East West, would have gotten that project. It’s a convenient time for him to become an environmentalist. Perhaps it would have been more meaningful if he had done it when Bachelor Gulch or Cordillera were developed. In those developments, thousands of acres might have been saved, not just a couple of hundred acres. But they were East West, Vail Resorts, Slifer, Smith and Frampton projects. Not such a convenient time to become an environmentalist.Wealthiest segmentIt amazes me at how greedy some people are. Jim Miller writes that Vail Resorts should not only give seniors a free ski pass, Vail Resorts should refund all monies paid by seniors. 1. Mr. Miller, you call yourself a client of Vail Resorts. I don’t understand. If you don’t pay to ski, you are not a client, you are a freeloader. 2. Why would Vail Resorts give free, or even reduced ski passes, to the wealthiest segment of our population? If you really cared about others than yourself, you would argue for reduced ski passes for people based on need, not age. 3. Explain to me what other businesses give their product away free to the wealthy? By your logic, why do seniors pay for anything? 4. If you could afford to ski in Vail and own a home for 40 years, I say, sir, you are the greedy one, not Vail Resorts. They are a business in business to make money off of all their customers. Otherwise they would go out of business. 5. You suggest that unless Vail gives their product away free, you will go elsewhere. I say be my guest and leave, soon.Irritated neighborTo all the parents that are taking their kids to Pooh Corner that are not parking legally. I’m an owner up Pine Street and I’m going to take the responsibility since … the owner of Pooh Corner won’t. She asked you guys to start respecting Pine Street homeowners by parking legally. By this I mean no double parking, no blocking driveways, and no parking on the wrong side of the road. I wish she would have stepped up and been a responsible business owner, but obviously that’s not the case. Vail, Colorado

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