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Test stress I commend those school districts that are deciding to forego any funding that ties them to the No Child Left Behind law. That law is ruining our schools. We used to have a great school system here in Eagle County, and now my children are studying only what is on the CSAP. My children are losing their excitement for school. They are bored with the one or two subjects that are being shoved down their throats. This law is causing our district to panic and stress about the tests that will or will not bring more money, and our children are paying the price. Tell me, what is really important? While this law is in force and my children’s education is being compromised, I will seek other means of education.Sweet storyI’m calling about what The Vail Trail did as far as sweethearts and as far as Byron Brown. That warmed my heart. I know Vi from volunteering at the huge garage sale that they have, and I love Vi and Byron. They are the nicest people on the planet, so thank you for highlighting them. It was really fun learning their early days, because Vail is pretty young.Empire buildingIn response to the article Saturday regarding Eagle River Fire Protection District trying to take over yet another agency. What are they doing to us? … Now they are going halfway across the county, jumping another district, just to go after Bond/McCoy. For service? No. For politics and land development? You bet. Eagle River, stay home and take care of us first. …Take a jobI’m calling about the letter from Jim Miller complaining about the senior ski pass prices. Be real, Jim. You’ve lived here almost 30 years and you can’t figure out how to pay for a ski pass or get one from Vail Resorts? Why don’t you get a job, at least a part-time job as a greeter, or a volunteer job, and then you’ll get a pass for nothing. Even though I abhor Adam Aron and some of his policies, why don’t you just take the initiative and do something for yourself and save some money for ski lessons. Limit truck trafficSolutions to I-70’s traffic problem have been voiced recently, but I have not seen anything that resembles an idea that the Europeans have used for years, that being controlling the big truck traffic and keeping trucks from coming out of the right lane. They also have different times that are restricted for trucks traveling certain areas. This could easily be implemented on I-70 through Eisenhower Tunnel and over Vail Pass. During the heavy traffic times Friday and Saturday, trucks could be limited to evening travel, and on all other times trucks would have to stay in the right hand lane. This one new requirement I believe would alleviate the problems that we are experiencing on I-70 and would probably save the public billions of dollars for the future as far as expanding I-70 or creating other forms of transportation up into the mountains. Hopefully somebody’s listening and this is a nearly no-cost solution, or at least attempt at a solution. It could be done on a trial basis. The bestI’m just responding to the article “Happy in Minturn” about the post office in Minturn. They are awesome. Jim and Susie and Terry are the best. I moved to Avon, bought a condo in Avon and I still have my P.O. box there because when I get mail that gets sent to my physical address, they know it’s mine and they don’t send it back. They’re just nice people, I’ve been dealing with them for 15 years. The Avon post office, I have a box there, but they’re always putting other people’s mail in that box, so I’m afraid to ever transfer it and it’s always a mess, you wait in line forever. Thank youWhoever plowed the sidewalks on Broadway here in Eagle today. Thanks a lot.Not a fanKaye Ferry, the gadfly of Vail, is a whiner. A gadfly is a person who stimulates or annoys by persistent criticism. Wake up, Vail Daily. Her column is a waste of space.Vail, Colorado

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