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Take the busMy own winter driving tip: If you’re one of the many out there that when faced with another powder day spend another sleepless night paralyzed with fear at the mere thought of putting your Outback in D, wrapping your white knuckles around a cold and uncaring steering wheel and proceeded into the real world, I have a tip for you. Take the bus and get the hell out of my way. Stay home. The rest of us do not want you on the road. Driver Bob is calling your name. It’s cheap, convenient, and you’re bound to meet new, like-minded friends. Just don’t procreate, we definitely do not want more of you.Indiana driverDoes anyone know the name or address of the person driving a dark red Honda Civic or Honda Accord with Indiana license plates and has front end damage? If so, e-mail me at I would like to discuss the damage to my truck when you ran into me on I-70 near Avon on Tuesday and then left the scene.Space, not seniorsI have just read the article regarding the lack of any assisted living facility existing in Eagle County. In the article, Commissioner Menconi stated spending $2 million for open space was preferable to spending money on our senior citizens. The truth is, Menconi orchestrated spending $6 million on open space, just in the first six weeks of 2005. He is advocated spending no money for any senior-assisted living facility in Eagle County. It is clear Menconi’s priority is open space, bike trails and snowboarding, and not supporting our senior citizens who built this county.Doing his jobKay Ferry has a lot of nerve criticizing a Vail police officer for doing his job and giving her a ticket. Maybe he gave her the ticket because he did recognize her. …So stay in BreckTo the person who is so afraid to ski at Vail and loves Breckenridge so much. Go to Breckenridge. Don’t ski at Vail. Vail, Colorado

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