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Stolen jobsI’d like to respond to the Tipsline caller in regards to lifting some jobs that illegal immigrants are taking. First of all, I’d like to agree with him that I don’t blame the illegal immigrants. I blame the government and the employers that hire them. But being in the building industry for 34 years, I’d like to give them a few jobs that they’re taking, carpenters, finish carpenters, tile setters, painters, etc., and I do believe that these do take some skill and some training. Historical stereotypeRegarding Dan Smith’s column: Most of us believe that the valley’s residents do embrace diversity, but the majority are opposed to illegal aliens siphoning taxpayer money and services. It is against the law to live here without a visa. Hundreds of educated applicants are denied entry to the United States every year and yet under-educated illegal residents want to live here in the Vail Valley, want us to educate their children, want us to pay their medical bills, want food stamps and then they send their money back to Mexico. Mr. Smith talked about the early immigrants, and the Irish, the Italians, the Swedes, the Germans, etc., stood in line at Ellis Island and other entry points for immunizations and documents, legal documents that allowed them to enter the United States. Many were turned away. They were a proud people, yet they were eager to learn English and become American citizens and embrace a new culture. The illegals living in Colorado are not becoming citizens. If we can stop the money sources, we may not have such a big problem with illegals. If contractors stopped hiring illegals and if organizations like the Vail Valley Foundation would require an incentive for families to become citizens and then fund their education and kindergarten, then that would be wonderful. But just to hand money out to people who are not American citizens just is not right.Drive safelyOn Friday, Feb. 18, they show a State Patrol officer in a photo in the Vail Daily, and there’s an accident west of Edwards with a rollover. Innocent SUV. Gosh, I thought those things were supposed to be super SUVs. Hopefully, the driver was cited for driving too fast for conditions and driving unsafe, putting the rest of us at risk.Just like FriscoThis is to say that our Eagle County cops are just like the Frisco cops. Those poor people that were dumped a stolen truck in their driveway were mishandled and abused. Hopefully, the cops will get sued. Protect and serve has nothing to do with their role anymore. It’s just harass, harass and harass. I do tip my hat to the few officers in our county that do protect and serve and do still have the great heart that most cops are supposed to have. It’s a shame the way our world is turning.Check out ForbesMy Tipsline comment, so much has been written about the Vail enthusiasm, or lack of, for a multi-million dollar convention center, it would be very informative for all to read the current Feb. 28 issue of Forbes magazine. Great jobI would just like to thank the workers of the Colorado Department of Transportation for doing such a great job and working day and night to keep the snow off the road. Thank you guys and keep up the good work.Vail, Colorado

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