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Out of controlWeighing in on the left is the venerable Arn Menconi, who makes no bones about squandering county funds for open space, but believes it’s fiscally irresponsible to waste taxpayer dollars on a $2 million animal house at the fairgrounds to be used two weeks a year. And on the far right, we have our “fiscally conservative” Tom Stone, who believes county funds for open space acquisition is a travesty, but wasting 2 million tax dollars on the two weeks a year barn is appropriate and somehow balances the scale of the millions he spent on Edwards over his four years in office. And finally, weighing in on the middle is the new guy, Peter Runyon. From what I can tell, there has not been a single funding request that this guy has turned down. Eaton Ranch? Go ahead and spend 6 million of our tax dollars. Animal house for whining fair board members? Go ahead and spend 2 million tax dollars. Gypsum rec center? How much would you like? Eagle County is out of control, spending money like the world is going to end tomorrow. Please, gentlemen, stop the insanity. I am looking forward to the end of Tom Stone’s term to see if we “right-wing nut cases” can finally elect someone who really can exercise fiscal restraint at the county level. Milton Friedman, where are you when we need you?Regrettable refsI’m the parent of an Eagle Valley High School student and attended the basketball game between EVHS and Vail Christian School last week at Eagle Valley High School. Presumably Dave Scott, the athletic director at EVHS, did not think this game warranted having qualified officials to referee this game, so he and the EVHS junior varsity boys coach called the game. I was offended by the extremely poor officiating of these two so-called referees. No matter that the varsity girls of EVHS did not play. It WAS the varsity team of VCS. When Vail Christian hosted an earlier game, they had the common decency to use qualified officials for that game. I offer this parent’s apology to Vail Christian School, the girls’ basketball teams, and the parents who invest time, heart and soul in their children and their children’s activities.No parkingThis tip is for the Buffalo Ridge Apartment complex in Avon. The town of Avon standards say that there needs to be two parking spaces per unit. There is no parking available at Buffalo Ridge. They have sent notices saying that guests are not guaranteed parking spaces and there is no visitor parking, so if you guys could add that to the Tipsline about the horrible parking at Buffalo Ridge. Ski by the copsI’d like to talk to these people who are skiing in terror. I want to know what kind of drugs you’re on. We have Big Brother everywhere. If you want Big Brother on your runs, go to where the Yellow Jackets are. Either that, or go to Chair 14, where people don’t speed. Riva Ridge is one of your runs on your list here. Hey, you’re going to slow me down on Riva Ridge? Are you out of your mind? I won’t slow down in the bowls. I will slow down in crowded areas, and on catwalks. But there’s just a lot of clowns out there that don’t know how to deal with too many people and too many bottlenecks. So the problem is the bottlenecks, especially down at Teacup Bowl. If they’re ever going to figure out how to put the maze in on the Teacup Chair without causing a wreck there, and there you’re supposed to do about 5-10 mph, so speed has nothing to do with it. It’s common sense, and caring for one another. So please, we’ve got plenty of cops around. Go ski where the cops are. Maybe they’ll kick your door down too, and put a gun to your head, like they did to that poor guy in Frisco.Quality developmentThis is in response to “Power play is just beginning,” by Andy Wiessner. Wow. I’ve been reading about this development on Battle Mountain, and once you put it all in one spot here, it really hit home. This is going to be huge. I love hiking Holy Cross. I don’t want to see a bunch of rich people having a bunch of houses, blocking off the trails and things that have happened in other areas around here in the 25 years I’ve lived here. … What Andy Wiessner said about the master plan is true. It has been ignored completely since I’ve lived here, for upzoning of all kinds of projects. Most of Edwards has been upzoned. It’s ridiculous, and I think the county needs to wake up and people need to see that we’re not being NIMBYs. We just want some quality development in this county for a change, and we want to see people stop saying affordable housing and anything going up in that guise, and then turn around and it’s not affordable.What a laughI got a good chuckle the other day when I read Terry Quinn’s letter when it said, “it is not uncommon for a conservative speaker to be shouted down.” The excuse is that such talk is hate speech, sexist, racist, homophobic, militaristic and so on. I’m curious if anybody else got the humor in Terry Quinn actually writing that. I’m sure Terry didn’t get it.Where’s my team?This is Alisha Mulrooney. I am just calling to say that I’m so glad that on any given day I can pick up the newspaper and see a true description of the valley’s sporting events. Great job, Vail Daily sportswriters, and kudos to Battle Mountain, because they’re the only team I know anything about. So here’s my tip to you. Please quit making this distinction between upvalley and downvalley. This is supposed to be one great big happy valley, isn’t it?Vail, Colorado

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