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It’s a roadJust after almost hitting somebody on Snowshoe Lane, because they came flying down the East Vail chute, not paying attention that they’re on the street, and almost ran into me while I was parked. Please be aware that Snowshoe Lane is a road, and there is an ordinance in the town against skiing on the streets. Just be aware before we get somebody killed. This was Lew Meskimen.Must be magIt says “Man dies in I-70 accident.” Why he exited his car nobody knows. I have a suggestion for all you sleuths out there. Maybe he ran out of blue window washer fluid to get the mag chloride off his window and he pulled over to clean his windshield off because he couldn’t see. That would be my guess, because there are a lot of people doing that now, and it’s extremely dangerous. So maybe chalk this up to mag chloride also. Just a guess.Out of controlAnimal Control needs to pay closer attention on the road. A Dodge Animal Control truck pulled right in front of me, with no signals, coming down Highway 131 last Thursday afternoon and was speeding so fast that I could not get ID numbers. If I was going any faster, we both could have been injured. Thought policeAndy Wiessner says, “people should be required to identify themselves when calling Tipsline”. What would he do with that information if he didn’t approve with what you said. Have the thought police arrest you … and take you to a re-education camp? This is Richard Saunders.Used to be I’m just calling to agree with Tipsline about Squaw Creek and Cordillera. That used to be a viable, beautiful brook trout fishery, and I did read the article. It called Squaw Creek a mud puddle. It wasn’t a mud puddle until they necked it down and stole all the water out of it for their dumb golf course, and now we want to let them build more of these things in one of the most beautiful parts of our valley that you can see, and that’s the Tigiwon Trail, which they will no doubt neck that creek down and drain it down and put it on a golf course somewhere.Not worth itI’ve lived here more than 20 years. The expansion that they’re proposing for the Gilman property? The guy started out saying that it would be a ski area or a golf course. Now it’s both. I think that he’s changing his story as we speak, and this needs to be really scrutinized before we make any decisions on whether we want less than 1 percent of our population to control all that land and privatize something we have now as public land, and the Tigiwon Trail goes right through there and a lot of other hiking trails. Are we going to lose all this and turn it into a rumpus room for the extremely rich? I don’t think it’s worth it.Vail, Colorado

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