I just read the commentary “Don’t miss meeting if you value safety” regarding the lack of adequate fire protection in Vail, and I just have to wonder if there’s a lack of adequate fire protection throughout the entire Eagle River Valley and why our government, who continues to have deficit budgets, are building $3 million pavilions and spending money on recreation, Christmas tree lights, flowers. Seems like our priorities are mixed up. To me those are things that private enterprise does, not government. Government should be providing fire, police, those kinds of services that are mandatory, absolutely necessary. We’re spending all this money on unnecessary things, why are we the taxpayers of the Eagle River Valley so complacent. Why do we sit back and allow this to happen? Please, vote when it comes time, and pay attention to who you vote for, and what they stand for.

So many DUIs

I’m calling in regards to the times people wrote in about the police in Avon and the Eagle County sheriff. It seems like they don’t do any police work, they just do DUIs. I just looked at the public records in the paper and there are so many DUIs. It’s unbelievable. I think they just wait till night time, so they work from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. pretty much, and I’ve heard so many people getting these DUIs. I think everybody has one. I think also they should put stamps on their police cars to say that they had DUIs, and how many they’ve given out in the past five years.

Stone-Bush effect

What is with our Mr. Stone? First, now to be an environmentalist, we have to be in the Democratic camp. Second, for shame, to knock the Sierra Club. Third, the present unexpected deletions and watering down of actions by the EPA, food and drug and OSHA will affect us all. The administration and Mr. Stone have infected this in an unhealthy way. Thank you for your candid comments. Now we know where you stand. Obviously you are not an environmentalist. I bet you don’t recycle either.

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Measuring up

I enjoyed Tom Stone’s excellent article stating the facts about Mr. Menconi. I have the highest respect for Mr. Stone and also Michael Gallagher. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Menconi doesn’t measure up to these standards.

Unfair competition

I’m calling in regards to the poor guy or lady who called in on the Tipsline where they’re complaining about the Australians being hired as bus drivers by the ECO. I think it’s incredible that somebody is calling in for 19 jobs when probably a lot more than 1,900 jobs have been taken by people who probably don’t even belong in this country, undocumented workers. Maybe everyone can start calling our county commissioners and complaining. Unemployment right now is sky high in our state and sky high in Eagle County. I know a lot of ex-Battle Mountain graduates that got displaced because people seem to think that undocumented workers can take their jobs, in construction and everything else under the moon. I myself have been hurt very badly by them in my business.

These people send their money back to their country, wherever they are from, and get a lot of things for free and use and abuse our system. They don’t like us, they like our money, and they do not assimilate and they’re not proud to be an American citizen, nor do they want to be an American citizen. I hear time and time again how great their country is and how they’re going to make money and retire in their country and live like kings. They don’t spend money in our restaurants. They don’t spend money in our community. They just buy a little bit of food and send the rest of us leaving the community.

So please call your county commissioners and complain, Mike, Tom and our good friend Arn and see what they have to say about it. And then flood Senator Allard’s office with phone calls. They have the phone number.

Extra mile

I want to say that I agree that teachers deserve their raises. A friend of mine requested an after school conference with her son’s teacher regarding his classroom misbehavior. This teacher spent way over an hour listening to her concerns and spent time with both of them to help them manage these problems. This teacher is tough, but she has helped her son both academically but most importantly socially this year. He has become so responsible. I told my friend that this teacher was a gem and should be rewarded, not discounted. Please support the teachers.

Not enough jobs?

In response and support of a recent Tipsline item in your paper last week about the ECO bus lines hiring Australians over Americans, I sympathize with this person. I know just how they feel being a member of the Vail/Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School and having more than double the number of Australians than Americans. Also, on a daily basis they put Australians to work ahead of the Americans who have the same certification or better than the Australians. This practice has been going on for the past seven years and we as Americans are tired of it. We are told that they cannot fill the positions with Americans, which is a lie. … These folks are supposed to be sent here to supplement our jobs, not to take them away from us. I am sure that the Australians would not like us to come to their country and take their jobs and leave them sitting at home without work.

This has been going on long enough and it is time for it to be stopped.

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