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Missed the point New York City? Yo, Don and Steve. When are you going to realize that you’re not running The New York Times here? The people of this valley have moved here not to have a large city. They left the big city. Why can’t you get on the side of the Vail Valley Foundation and get behind this good cause to protect some open space so people will still want to come here?BackboneI’m calling about Andy Weissner’s letter to the editor. Normally I’m against anybody that is against Tipsline, I believe it’s a great forum to be able to express opinions without fear of backlash. However, there is one point that I do agree with him. If you’re going to attack somebody personally, name him in the paper, you should have your facts straight well enough to be confident enough to leave your own name.Ah, the electedsThe county assessor ran on a platform of reducing your property taxes. Now that you have received your tax bill this year, has it gone down? Mine certainly has not. It seems she is not capable of keeping campaign promises. It does appear she is good at driving qualified employees out of the assessor’s office. In just her first two years, 13 or 14 employees have been asked to leave or have left … . Shouldn’t the county administrator get her under control before the Assessor’s Office becomes non-functional?All righty, thenAlthough I can’t stand the neo hippie thugs over at the Sierra Club, they’re right about running a rail system. Run it right up the median, suspend it 12 feet in the area, so band width is not a problem. Buses are a scalable and organic solution, but I don’t think East Vail homeowners will want to jack their teutonic boxes due to the inevitable CDOT right of way. So build a rail, unless of course you want the neo hippie thugs to burn down another chalet. By the way, Tipsline’s the most exciting thing to happen to the Vail Daily since Richard Carnes and Arn Menconi, and I’m not even a fan of theirs.Give it upThis is addressing Don Rogers’ continued opinion bashing Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon about their vote to purchase the open space in Edwards. You know Don? It’s kinda like the election that Bush stole twice. It’s over. There isn’t a helluva lot anybody can do about it. Going on and on about it sure isn’t going to change anything. Maybe the Trail and the Daily should start thinking about putting out some ideas of what we can do with this property instead of bad mouthing it continually. So let up, Don. It’s over. It’s done. The land is purchased. The election’s over. Move on, Buddy.Editor’s note: The Vail Trail supports the commissioners’ decision to spend open space and general fund money buying Eaton Ranch. And the land has not been purchased. The fat lady ain’t sung quite yet, though she may be warming up.Progressive thoughtI just read the article on Progressive Farmer rating Eagle County one of the top 10 places to live in the nation for framing. Well that’s great. They must know the real truth. If you go broke, or are going broke, just call open space. They’ll bail you out. What a better way to do it.Her own faultI just had to call in about Cassy Perlmutter’s letter about getting her card pulled by the library. She seems to be upset because the library pulled her card and her argument is that since she is a member of the public this never should have happened. You know to me this letter beautifully summarizes exactly what’s wrong with people in this country, and it’s called personal accountability. If you’re not a responsible citizen, if you don’t obey the rules and act in a civilized manner, you might lose your privileges, and guess what? That’s your fault, and it doesn’t have anything to do with being a member of the public. Public means responsibility, and Cassy needs to get that through her big rock head. They’ve earned itI’m calling in response to something in Tipsline. First Jim Miller wrote about the seniors’ free ski pass, and then someone slammed him, and the title was “The wealthiest segment.” My response to this is give 75-or-older free passes. These people have been skiing for a long time. This guy said he skied for 40 years. Maybe he doesn’t need the break because he can afford to buy the pass, but give him a break anyway. It’s great to see 70-year-old-plus people out skiing. So give them the benefit of making it cheaper, easier for them to get there. For people who live out of state, make it free. They paid to get here, they paid for their kids and grandkids to get here. Give them a break and make it free again.Gate MinturnI really liked the commentary written by Richard Carnes about Minturn. The town of Minturn doesn’t even have the qualified staff to run the town as we know it. How do they think they’re going to deal with someone who went bankrupt, and now all the sudden has tons of money and tons of land? Wait a minute. What’s going on? Maybe they should put a gate at either end of Minturn. That would be great.You don’t ask usYour articles on the development of Gilman are an insult to the community of Minturn. My first question is, when Riverwalk was developed, was countywide input involved? When Vail approaches a project, is Minturn questioned or involved about how they feel? Minturn is a small town, trying to compete with the big money in the valley, and finally has a chance at some positive development. We have a confident town council and an involved community, so thanks but no thanks, Eagle County. When was the last time the county worked with Minturn? You haven’t helped us before, so please don’t try and help us now. I feel the abandoned town of Gilman could only be enhanced by tearing it down, the condemned houses, and being replaced by affordable, attractive new ones. To tell us that several hundred houses are too big, have you looked around the valley lately? There are homes on every piece of land and hillside. What now is Riverwalk, Singletree, Arrowhead, Eagle Ranch, Gypsum, etc. all also used to be habitats, land for our wildlife. Where were you then? So don’t be a hypocrite now. A little environmental cleanup would be a positive thing, and would benefit everyone. Don’t you think?Vail, Colorado

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