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Library warsBeing a resident of the Town of Vail I totally enjoy taking my children to the Vail Library. What a wonderful place it is to encourage and learn children to read fabulous books and discover all the knowledge that they need to learn and I wholeheartedly agree with the person who wrote in about the head librarian in Vail who it seems has made it her task to make it difficult for anyone to borrow books or to enjoy their passion, which is to read. It seems that all she wishes to do is actually provide revenue to maybe increase the books that she can put on the shelf, but I think probably Avon is going to be the winner, because all she seems to do is alienate these families so that what they do is actually go to the Avon library instead of the Vail library. …Just MinturnI find it astounding that the irritated neighbor on Pine Street in Minturn is upset about all the bad, poor, inconsiderate parking at Pooh Corner. Hey, it’s Minturn. What do you expect? Look at who wears badges and guns in that town, if you know anything about your community, you wouldn’t be irritated. That’s just par for the course.Shame on youTo the person who so graciously decided that a “no food basket” attitude is OK: You need to take a step back and realize that unless your ancestors were here to greet the Mayflower, you have no more right than anyone else to be here in America. Shame on you. Lawvbreakers, pure and simpleRe “Are Mexicans stepping onto our land or reclaiming what was once their ancestors?” We bought the territories in 1848, from the Mexicans who stole it from the Spaniards. Look here, dip: Something the … 500 Mexicans residing in the territories requested, to be part of the USA. Read your history before engaging your fingers. “To the people who have no compassion for the Mexican workers” and “Another racist claims …” Racist? We like American workers of all races. We dislike Illegal aliens lawbreakers of all races. …Vail, Colorado

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