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So volunteer To all the greedy old farts who say they deserve a free ski pass, why don’t you volunteer for one of the many positions that offer a ski pass for free? Then you can stop complaining about how expensive it is, and about how Vail Resorts is ripping you off. Or is it that you just want something for nothing. Which is it?Slow goingThis is about Highway 6 through Arrowhead. The point of the slow drivers on this road is not about the amount of time that is being wasted for the people who want to do the speed limit. The point is that there is time being wasted by the slow drivers who are forcing their decision on the other people behind them. I thought it was just the government who had the right to waste other people’s time intentionally. For those who cite safety concerns for going slower, I don’t know how starting a parade of disgruntled, tailgating drivers behind you is safer. Besides, if you’re too scared to do the speed limit on dry roads in broad daylight, you probably don’t have the skills to be on the road anyway.Go GilmanConcerning the Gilman development, I really hope and pray that Gilman is developed all the way to Denver, with a 300 mile per hour transit without regard to human or wildlife like I-70. Build it, and they will come. High praiseThis is Dave Vroman, chief with Gypsum Fire District. I just want to pass on a big kudos to Mark Strakbein and the staff at Eagle Valley High School. They’re doing a great job on the fire lane there. The same with Gypsum Middle School, and extra kudos goes to Red Hill Elementary. I know the parents are upset, but people need to remember and understand why it’s important to keep fire lanes clear. Gypsum Elementary is working hard on that. But when that school was in we just didn’t have enough room to make it really good. But again, extra kudos to those folks with the school district helping us do our job in the fire district. Thanks.Butt outI’m calling about the Minturn-Gilman project and I really think that the county needs to keep their nose out of it. No one was there for Minturn when Vail Resorts decided to walk all over us and rape us of our water rights and almost bankrupt the town. But boy everyone sure has an interest when it could come to competition for Vail Resorts, or the county having to give more money to the town of Minturn and their residents and having to maybe take away from Vail or Edwards or Avon and Beaver Creek. It’s time that Minturn got its due course. It’s been here longer than Vail and it always will be.Above the law?I remember when Kaye Ferry wrote a scathing article about Adam Aron parking illegally at the airport. Now she parks illegally, and she thinks she’s above the law. Thinks she should not be bound by the rules. Pay the ticket, Kaye, and get off of it.Vail, Colorado

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