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Answer: NoHey, Don Rogers: While I heartily agree the commissioners made a huge mistake with Eaton Ranch, aren’t you asking them to flip flop on the matter? Isn’t that what you despised about John Kerry? You better wear the mantra of your beloved Mr. Bush: Any decision, once made, even if made on faulty assumptions, can never be reversed. Stay the course, Don.A few thoughtsI’d like to call in and compliment the Tipsline for the story about Vi and Byron Brown. That was great and it’s totally correct and true. Thank you very much for that, because they are the greatest. And the Minturn Post Office is the greatest also. And last but not least, limit truck traffic. Truckers absolutely are awful. They are the rudest people on the road and the most dangerous. They need to stay in the right-hand lane. I’ve turned a lot of them in over the years, and I am fed up with them. Have you ever seen one of them get out of their truck? …Great post officeI am calling about the post office in Avon. I think we have a great post office down here. People complain so much about the Avon Post Office, maybe they should use their own post office. Minturn, Vail, they’re coming down here to mail their letters. It seems like Avon is the drop-off for everybody’s mail, and yet they blame everybody in the post office except themselves. All they do is whine, complain, and I don’t understand it. If they are so unhappy with the post office, they should go somewhere else.Don’t close I’m calling about the school board considering closing Meadow Mountain Elementary School. I think it’s a huge mistake and I urge the people to stand up and be heard. Don’t let the school board close one of the better public schools in the upper valley here. We need this school. Meadow Mountain Elementary School has some of the highest scores in the valley. Period. There’s no question about it. Whatever is going on there is working. Let’s not ruin a good thing. Keep the school open.Too many picsI’m just wondering why the Vail Daily is pushing the “pay to sled” situation at Meadow Mountain. I can recall three front page pictures in the recent past of sledding at Meadow Mountain and those of us who live here and have lived here are sick that they’re asking for money on our hill. There’s enough greed in this valley. Why add to it and why advertise it for free on your front page?Not so publicI’m calling about the not-so-public Vail Public Library and the way that they librarians are nasty and mean and if you don’t come in there with a Gucci handbag or a Rolex watch on, you’re treated like a second-class citizen. You can’t get a library card without waiting a week, they won’t tell you what the criteria is to actually get a library card, and then when they send you to tell you your license didn’t match your address in Vail when they could have told you that a week ago and you could have switched it. The Vail Public Library is absolutely ridiculous. The librarians are not very nice, and we don’t appreciate it. It’s time that this town and this valley stepped up the pressure on the Vail so-called public library. I also would like to know where the funding for that library is coming from. Editor’s note: The library is funded by the town of Vail.Tell usThe Eagle County School District is suffering from a poor image problem. Here are some solutions that will show good faith on the part of the school district towards its taxpayers. 1. Update your Web site. It is woefully out of date and an embarrassment for our county. 2. Publish all test score data for all county schools on one page of the Web site. This would make it much easier for parents when they are shopping for an education provider for their children. 3. Also put on this Web site the textbooks used for each grade and subject, including any supplemental material. See the reason in 2. 4. I noticed over 40 people work out of the district administration office. Please publish job title and salary for each person. 5. Please publish the evaluation scores for all teachers on your Web site. This can be anonymously done by assigning teachers numbers. Also publish merit pay rewards for each teacher. Indicate if each teacher is either a master, mentor or classroom teacher. Oh go die?I read the Tipsline call about Commissioner Menconi and his unwillingness to support the senior citizens. He must subscribe to the former Gov. Lamm philosophy regarding seniors. When after the public meeting regarding the state of Colorado’s obligation to care for senior citizens, then Gov. Lamm stated, “seniors have an obligation to die.”The end is nighPat Robertson, and other religious zealots, have spoken of the end time, Armageddon. They say that time is near. What does W. say? I say it would be a shame to have a great war based on superstition and lies. Their God won’t start the war, they will. Just watch the neo-conservatives. Imagine what they say in private about Ishmael. About all non-Christians. It’s not about living together in a peaceful, loving, democratic world. Be careful. These people make David Koresh and Jim Jones look like Democrats.Off his chestHere’s a tip for you. Why are Eagle County taxpayers paying wear and tear, gas, fuel, and everything on county vehicles for employees … . I think the commissioners need to … quit trying to run everything out of the upvalley unless people downvalley have a few of the things we need. They’re talking how the pavilion isn’t where the money needs to be spent. Well, I don’t see how spending $6 million on both a gravel pit and wetlands is a good use of county money. You cannot develop wetlands, and who’s going to want to develop on an old gravel pit?Editor’s note: The land where the commissioners have committed $6 million of a total $12 million to help purchase the 72-acre Eaton Ranch parcel has no wetlands. Those are on the larger property just to the west. The gravel pit could indeed be developed, and at least in part almost certainly would be.Not meMy name is Richard Saunders. I am reading your Tipsline note about “Thought police.” Well, this is not the Richard Saunders that has been a long time 25-year veteran of Eagle County. I am the Richard Saunders that has been a bartender, and one of your favorite bartenders, for many years. Just wanted to let you know that this is not this Richard Saunders. Thank you for your time. Ski deep powder.Same ol’The illegal immigration issue is always the same here in Tipsline. Blame Mexicans and others for coming here and taking jobs, which is pointing out the racism of blaming brown people for your lack of employment. Well, you’ve all got it all wrong, because the root of the problem isn’t brown people or racism or anything else commonly brought up, the root of the problem is capitalism. … We buy low and we sell high, we stretch our dollars by hiring cheap, immigrant labor and saving 40 percent on our grocery bills at Wal-Mart and everything’s groovy until our store goes out of business because of Wal-Mart. Until our jobs are replaced by cheaper immigrant labor. Until it gets personal. You see in capitalism, there are winners and there are losers. When you become a loser, you start not liking capitalism so much. You start hating brown people and start waving the flag around. You become the ultimate hypocrite. … How much?I was just inquiring as to how much RVs pay at the Lionshead parking structure. Apparently RVs and their cars in tow do not pay to park in Lionshead. I think it’s very unfair that cars are charged $16 a day, shoppers are charged $3 a day, to park at the Lionshead parking structure. Vail, Colorado

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