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Not quiteI just wanted to say I think it’s ridiculous and distasteful when people use the argument for illegal aliens being here of the American people taking this land from Native Americans. Mexicans did the same thing to Native Americans over there, so I don’t see how that justifies them being here now.StorageDid you guys hear about the new low cost car storage for the winter? It’s called the Vail Valley parking structure. The village parking structure accepts cars for little or no money. You just go in there and park your car for most of the winter, leave it in there, and then pick it up in the spring. You don’t have to worry about your car being stored or anything like that, and every once in a while you get a couple of free dings just for the heck of it. But it’s a low cost alternative to leaving your car out in the snow and getting rusty. Oh, pleaseI’ve got a tip for all those evangelical Christians out there who think they have a mandate from God to tell everyone else how to live their life. If you guys are stupid and gullible enough to believe in God, and maybe still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Give me a break. The high school is teaching satanic worship because their mascot is the Devils? Give me a break, people, go get a hobby and leave us alone.New puppetIt shouldn’t be surprise to anyone that Peter Runyon is voting along with Arn Menconi. He’s nothing but Menconi’s puppet anyway, so when it comes to the livestock pavilion, he’s certainly not going to fight Menconi. It’s too bad. We were all told that he was going to be an independent thinker. I guess he’s just going to think the way that Arn Menconi wants him to.Own advice”At the very least, anyone dealing with the public has a responsibility to act in a polite and courteous way. There is simply no excuse for bad manners.” “Guest rules,” by Kaye Ferry, March 2. What hypocrisy! The notorious Kaye Ferry dares to lecture us on politeness and courtesy? Foul-mouthed Kaye with her verbal assaults was the epitome of “bad manners” when she dealt with the public through her Vail Chamber position and her coffee shop. Look in the mirror, Kaye!Ain’t sellingThis is to the kid and his friend who came into my store Wednesday afternoon. The next time you guys try to buy beer, maybe you should make sure everyone in your party is over 21! You had no right to come into my store and then curse me out for refusing to sell alcohol to a minor! Any person in the business of dealing with alcohol would have done the same thing in my position. Grow up, accept the law and write your congressman if you have such a problem with it! But don’t come take it out on me. I value my job and I won’t put it at risk for some underage boys!Elitist libraryThis is in reference to Wednesday’s letter to the editor about the Vail Public Library. Cassie, you were spot on about the library’s extremely unwelcoming environment. I, too, am a teacher, currently on sabbatical to be Mom, and I have two children who love books. Over the past six years we have visited every library in the valley. I believe it is an educational experience for children to enjoy various environments full of literature. Sadly, I have been snubbed on more than one occasion by check out clerks at the Vail Library because I live in Eagle. When my children and I first received our “privileged” stickers on our Eagle County library cards, we were strictly instructed that we are allowed to check out no more than five items per card and then asked why we don’t just stay at our local library. I have never damaged or returned anything late to the Vail Library. Nonetheless, just last week, I had my allotted five items ready for check out, two items were DVDs, and I was told that because I live in Eagle I am not allowed to check out DVDs. Apparently, I cannot be trusted with such high technology because I’m not a Vail resident. Why not just change the sign to “Vail’s Elitist Library… MEMBERS ONLY”?Give Abbas a chanceSince anyone who disagrees with supporters of Israel are branded anti-semitic, these comments are for Tipsline. Arthur Kittay writes on Feb. 18 that “Abbas probably had a hand in these killings,” referring to a small group of Palestinians, and a fact he cannot begin to back up. He then continues to say, “Abbas does not want to stop the war against Israel.” Are we a bit prejudiced here, Mr. Kittay? Have you not tired of all the killings amongst both parties over there? Are the Jews always right, and everyone else is wrong? I am sick of reading that we have to send U.S. money to Israel all the time. Isn’t it time for the Jews to take a higher ground and work for peace instead of always getting your way? Isn’t it time for Israel to give back the land it took from the Palestinians? You say Ms. Rice is “attempting to sell a peace plan that will not work?” How do you know? Has it ever been tried before? When will you and the other American Jews get over your arrogance and give a bit so the atrocities will stop and we no longer have to send money to Israel, and to allow the USA to focus on the threats against our own country. If you are so concerned about Israel, go over there and fight for your cause and leave the U.S. out of it. We have bigger problems than your selfish cause. Besides that, give Mr. Abbas the support he needs to stop the fighting. It is the first time there has been a rational Palestinian around to make the effort.Can’t have itI’m with you 100 percent when you mention that we should be changing the name of the Eagle Valley High School mascot. The satanic worship should not be a part of our high school curriculum. We live in a time where the people who do not believe in God are attended by the mention of God in the Pledge of Allegiance, and we are to take a seat back and look at how they feel, and what their concerns are. Well, it’s a two way street, and I think it’s time that we, as believers in God, also take a stand against those who want to use satanic worship and Devil mascots in our schools as well. So you know, it’s time to change the name, and Eagle County School District needs to recognize that having Devils as a representative for high school students is not appropriate. I’m with you, whoever you are, that called Tipsline. Maybe it’s time for those of us who have this belief that the name need to be changed to call the American Center for Law and Justice who will take a stand for those of us who believe in God, and you can contact them, they have an 800 number in Richmond, Virginia.No licensesIn the news lately there’s been a lot of talk on not allowing illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses. I support that. Chances are they’re not going to have the insurance to drive on, and then we’re going to end up paying higher premiums because of them, or they’re just going to kill somebody and take off, go back to Mexico. In the long run we’re going to pay for it all, so no, they should not have licenses. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it goes.Vail, Colorado

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