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Path neededI’m calling in reference to the editorial “Shedding light on safety.” As a homeowner along Route 6 just west of the Bear Creek parking lot, I can attest to the fact that there is a tremendous safety issue with individuals walking in the roads in the early evening hours and late evening hours. We would heartily support a pathway or walkway which would extend to the edges of the condominiums on the northern portion of Route 6 that extend west of the parking lot. We thank you for your interest in this very important issue, and I think that the town of Avon or the county of Eagle need to address this issue.Give ’em moreIf the town of Vail really wants to do something for the locals, and truly for the locals, expand the library budget to make it a better library.You broke lawThis is regarding Kaye Ferry: You broke the law, you got caught. I guess you’re not as special as you think you are. …Sure, makes senseI just wanted to make a comment that I think is sort of insightful. Perhaps if the Ramsey case and the Martha Stewart case have taught us nothing other than never, ever, ever speak to the police, I think that would be a good message for all of us.LifesaversTo the men and women of CDOT. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work this winter. You are truly unsung heroes. I believe that what you do save lives, and if you haven’t heard it today, thank you very much. From Mary on Highway 6.Huh?A gated community? The only problem? The lock is on the wrong side of the gate.Thin skinDon Rogers, to treat the business community with disinterest is one thing. To insult them the way that you did on Tipsline today is quite another thing. As a local merchant who in the past 15 years has probably spent $15,000 advertising in your paper, I shall never spend another dime as long as you are the editor.Editor’s note: Tipsline is a reader call-in forum. Always better to argue a point straight up than to suffer the loss of business in the multiple return that advertising provides. You just hurt yourself. Your response would be the rough equivalent of the paper refusing to do a feature about you because you don’t advertise enough at $1,000 a year. If you have a good story, we’ll cover it even if you carried out your threat. Service issuesFurther comment on the Vail Library. Two items. 1. I was in there at one time and some 10-year-old kids came in and the librarian came in and kicked them out of the children’s area and told them they could use any other part of the library except for the children’s area, which just was astounding. A children area is there and they were not allowed to use it without their parents, but the children can use the adult section of the library. 2. The Vail Library continues to not put their phone number on their Web site, and they say that the reason they do that is they would get too many calls. … I cannot agree more that the head librarian in Vail seems to make it her job to make it as difficult as possible to use the services that the community pays for. …Vail, Colorado

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