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Make it all freeI love it. Another person suggesting that because someone is over 70 they should ski for free because it’s just great to have them out skiing. Well, I suppose they should eat at all the restaurants free, because it’s nice to have these old farts out and about. Why not fly free? I mean, come on. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them traveling for free? After all, they deserve it. How about all the CPA services for free? I mean come on. Their eyes are not as good as they used to be. How about all the lawn care companies not charge seniors. I mean come on, you can’t expect them to be out working in the yard. What I suggest is that all these seniors that are asking for something for nothing are just self-serving, greedy people. Why don’t you go volunteer for some of the many positions available that offer a free ski pass instead of asking Vail Resorts to give away their product. Do you also go to Sweet Basil and ask for free dinner because you’re over 70? You whining, complaining people give seniors a bad name. Smells porkThe Daily had a piece about Vail buying buses. Under the heading, ‘What this means to you’ it related that the town is spending $250,000 and the federal government is pitching in more than $1 million. Question: Why is the federal government pitching in any money for buses that serve only a wealthy resort town? Isn’t this the kind of pork barrel politics everyone says is wrong? Another viewI’d just like to say that I’m a Satanist and I think it’s terrible that we have a team in this valley called the Saints.Vail, Colorado

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