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Cheers for HuskiesCongrats to the Battle Mountain winter sports teams! I’m just writing to express how very proud I am of all the athletes and coaches this past winter season. Husky Hockey: You guys and MacKenzie are phenomenal. Seniors, you guys have places to go and games to play in the future, freshies, sophs and juniors, I know you guys are a great team and that you can do it again next year! Husky Basketball: Both the girls and guys teams had a great season, there’s no stopping you now! Husky Ski Team: A late congrats to those all those qualifiers and those that completed the season. And last but not least, Husky Wrestling: Great season, keep it up. All of our teams at Battle Mountain held their heads high no matter what and showed an incredible amount of good sportsmanship. You all are classy teams. Coaches, thank you for your time, its great to have coaches that really care about their athletes! It pays off! Be sure to come back. Well done to all the teams at BMHS. Good luck in the upcoming season! I admire you all! Picking on truckersIt disgusts me how the majority of the people in this valley classify truck drivers as nasty, illiterate and truthfully, they’re not all illiterate. Yeah, there’s a few that speed by, but what about those people in the SUVs who think just because they have 4-wheel driver they can go as fast as they want? …So ruin Minturn too?There have been a lot of great tips in the Vail Daily lately regarding Minturn. Like where were you when they raped us for our water rights? Why wasn’t Minturn asked about all the development in Edwards? And so on. But now that we’ve ruined Eagle County, we’re going to ruin Minturn, the last great place. So everybody that lives in Minturn needs to put their two cents in and try to keep everything under control. Hopefully, it will all go right, and maybe we’ll get back some of the money that Big Brother stole from us a few years back.Oh, get a lifeI’m calling about a recent Tipsline. One of the great things about this country is that people are entitled to their opinion, so I guess this caller is entitled to their opinion. But another one of the great things of this country are you are allowed to have choice of freedom of religion, or not, in that case, or any such variation of. When these people call up and say that the high school is promoting satanic worship, they are entitled to their opinion. But my opinion is that they need to get a life, and that they’re a freak and they truly need some help if they think that a high school mascot is promoting devil worship. Vail, Colorado

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