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More smokeI was just reading the Tipsline about Cassie, and today’s elitist library. You know we have a business in Vail, but we do not live there, we live in Avon. When we had moved here five years ago, I had gotten a card from the Avon Library. They did not have movies for when my grandchildren came, so I went to the Vail library, got my little elitist sticker, and was checking out some books and videos. The lady grabbed the videos out of my hand and said we do not service you downvalley people. Of course, at that time I did not know that was an insult. When I asked her what that meant, she said, “Just go to your own library.” I have since found out that other people who have businesses in Vail and live downvalley are allowed to check out anything they want because they had talked to the Town Council people. So which is it? I think they should make up their mind. Either let everyone who has a card and is in good standing with the library, whether it be Eagle, Avon, whatever, be able to check out what they need from the Vail library. After all, I’m 60 years old. I am not about to steal their books or steal their videos. And even though we do not live in Vail, our tax dollars go to Vail because that’s where our business is. Right on, girl, who wrote this letter. It’s great. I certainly do understand. At least you weren’t called a lowly downvalley person.Don’t get itI just read the newspaper article “Drugs and alcohol a constant in crimes.” In the article, Mike McWilliams said people are more likely to commit crimes when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He also says that these crimes would have been less likely to happen without drugs or alcohol. The first thing that comes to my mind is get rid of the source, the drug dealer. Second of all, Mark Hurlbert said people make poor decisions when under the influence. Although the use of alcohol isn’t a crime, for those 21 and older the use of drugs is against the law, no matter how old you are, and could certainly add charges. I just don’t understand why Mark Hurlbert never charged the drug dealer with some kind of drug charge when Mike McWilliams found marijuana in not one of his cars, but two. Also, when told about the drug dealer threatening to kill, they looked the other way. Why was the drug dealer never charged with either crime? …Also frustratedThe title of this tip is “not a local.” After reading the comments from the residents of the town of Vail, I would like to share my experience I had at the Vail Library. I arrived last August with hopes of finding a job for the season. When I applied for a library card, I was told that no newcomers would get a card until the ski season began in November. To my disappointment, I was not able to check out of a book for three months due to a rule made by the head librarian. I didn’t know that one person could hold such a power. Me, tooSince this issue about the Vail Library has been opened by other people, I’m glad to see that other people had the same idea I had. Having lived and worked in the Vail town for 30 years, imagine my puzzlement when I was told to give up my card and had to re-up for a grade B situation. It was the first thing I got after moving here as a kid green out of college and really proud of it. I only had to move downvalley because I couldn’t afford a place in Vail. But Vail is kind of where I was brought up, so to speak. It’s yet another reason for locals, and locals with families, to stay downvalley. You feel like you’re discriminated against, and you can’t get DVDs and videos and you’re limited, and I can understand there’s no reason to go out with a boxful of stuff, but goodness gracious. A library is a pillar of a good community, plus it’s a meeting place of sorts for citizens. It’s a place that is a feel-good zone. They were kind of strong-handed on insisting to see my driver’s license in order to get my next card. Is this a directive from Homeland Security? …Well, that’s a startThe best that can be said for the new design on the conference center is at least it doesn’t look like a European/alpine beer hall.I love the libraryI’ve missed the tips about the Vail Library. All I can say in my personal experience is that the staff is fabulous. I am a regular user of the library, that means 40-50 visits a year, and I have never, never had any problems with anyone. Just friendly, warm, helpful assistants. I don’t like these petty complaints. If this is really an important issue, this person should take the time to write a letter and put their name to it. My name is Nancy Rondolph.Editor’s note: There have been a few letters to the editor on this subject, too.Use ”em or lose emI think it would be great if the Vail Daily would do a series of articles highlighting the past water rights issues surrounding the town of Minturn, being that the Gilman property is on the table to be developed and the people of Minturn seem to think that they were ripped off of their water rights by Vail Associates and the Upper Eagle Water Authority. I think that if all that was put out on the table the people would see why they lost their water rights, which is mainly because they didn’t use them.Just slow downThis is about Highway 6 through Arrowhead. That goon who just called in. This week I saw two accidents, turnovers, early in the morning on the way to Beaver Creek. Now obviously you have to slow down at certain portions of that road no matter what time of day it is or what the speed limit is. So please, get a life, OK? Be concerned about the safety of driving and not how fast you can get from point A to point B. ‘Grown-up’ responseI don’t understand how Don Rogers gets off calling the people in Minturn teenagers. I think you should mind your own business and go back to California where you belong …Butt out of MinturnI’m calling in regards to the Gilman development. I wholeheartedly support Minturn’s efforts and support their ideas and whatever they want to do. It’s their thing, I think the commissioners should butt out. I wouldn’t trust Menconi as far as he could jump, I think the guy’s a bum and he’s trying to take Minturn’s money. I think Minturn should do this on their own and do it the way they like, because the rest of the valley is already screwed up. So let Minturn make a couple of bucks out of it since everybody else has. All righty? Go Minturn!Got issuesAs Eagle Valley turns into a bed of dog poop, I’m sitting here on Friday morning going to work just west of the Beaver Creek West Lot on that curve that’s in the shade that’s a little bit icy. Another accident, the second in two days. Wait a minute here. When you people decide to get in accidents because you’re inconsiderate, aggressive and worthless drivers, please, make sure it’s a one-car accident and you kill yourself, so you don’t put the rest of us at risk. Lots of talentThis is in response to the letter to the editor from Mr. William Greensheer in Avon who thinks his child is the most talented child in the world. If his child is so good for Broadway why are they in Avon? Also, there’s a lot of other kids here who are talented, and I work with Special Ed. kids and they’re gifted kids in their own right and they’re blessed and happy when they do well. So I think he ought to just get into the real world and find the real people. …What you make of itTime and time again, you see drugs in the newspaper. I want to know what kind of drugs that person did who whined about the Eagle Valley Devils. Holy smokes. What are you high on? Whatever it is, I want some of it. The devil’s all around us, God is all around us. It’s what you make of life. …You guys rockWhat a great hockey game Friday night at Dobson. Andy Clark, we love you, but we’re in love with Tony Granada, and Bob Dorf, you rock.Vail, Colorado

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