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Voters approvedThis is about the conference center. Didn’t the voters approve money to build that and didn’t the voters approve building it? Why does it say in the paper that it has to be approved to be built now? If they’re not going to build it, what’s happening to all the money that they’re taxing it for that we voted in to do this with? Safest driversI’m calling in response to your Saturday Tipsline complimenting Vi and Byron Brown and they’re talking about truckers being the rudest people on the road and the most dangerous. I drive a wrecker, and the truckers are the safest drivers. Whenever they see me on the side of the road in the righthand lane servicing a vehicle or assisting a motorist, they’re always courteous enough to move over into the left lane in order to avoid getting close to me. Whereas the drivers try to get as close as they can to me, and that’s probably one of the reasons why that gentlemen who was helping people in the Ford Expedition last week that I towed off was killed by a pickup truck, not by a trucker. So I think that person is completely wrong about their statement about truckers. Truckers actually have good highway manners and they’re a lot safer drivers than a lot of these drivers out here that are driving 4-wheelers, especially the SUVers. Parking scamThere’s a big scam still in the Vail parking garage. If you drink at night and you leave your car until morning for free until 11 you have to hunt down a policeman and get a card from him. Vail’s just got to keep making more money.Illegal is illegal… If you’re illegal, you don’t belong here. In a lot of other countries, they won’t even let you in unless you can prove you have a job and a way to support yourself. Why should I, a U.S. taxpayer, support people who don’t belong here. That has nothing to do with what color your skin is. It has nothing to do with where you come from. If you’re not a legal alien, don’t come. Truckers are fineThis is for the person that said, “I have a few thoughts.” I agree with him on most of the things, but about truckers, the person is incorrect. Truckers maybe shouldn’t drive in the left-hand lane all the time, but they are not the rudest people. The rudest people are the ones honking at them telling them to move faster. I’m sorry, but my family are truck drivers. I’m not one, but my stepfather was one and my brother is, and they’re not rude. The rude people are the ones honking at them because they’re moving too slow. We all need to drive on the same highway. If you need to get there quicker, leave earlier. Just chill and let people drive at the speed they need to.Thank youI’d like to call and thank Russell Sturgis, the lift op at the top of Chair 8 in Vail, for finding my cell phone last Sunday, and not only answering my calls and taking messages for me, but delivering it to the Rucksack at the end of his shift. So thank you and great customer service.Serving whom?If libraries were businesses, the Avon Library would be profitable, and the Vail Library would be out of business. Both offer the same product, lending various materials, but the service is what really counts. Has anyone noticed that the Vail Library does not even put their phone number on their Web site? When asked why, I received an e-mail stating that they would get too many phone calls if they put their phone number on their Web site. Perhaps they should also remove their phone number from the phone book, and perhaps also just do away with all phones so they don’t have to serve the public.Evil plotI think these high oil prices are a ploy with the oil industry of America, better known as the president and vice president. They want us to think they’re running out of oil so they can drill in Alaska. But the big question is, how much energy actually stays here in the United States that is produced here? How much natural gas that is pumped out of the ground in the U.S., oil, coal, stays here? Not much. It goes to the highest bidder, it goes to China and everywhere else. We need a law that says what’s produced here, stays here. …Take the surveyThis call is to alert the parents of any school age child in the upper valley to go to and take the coming attraction survey. The Meadow Mountain Elementary School parents have been getting their share of the limelight, and other parents are going to be unpleasantly surprised if they railroad through their choice to put all 5th-6th at Minturn Middle School, and all 7th-8th-9th at Berry Creek. People should not be caught off-guard by this. They need to log on now, it only takes a minute., go to Coming Attractions, make your opinion known. Better late …?It’s Russell B. here in Avon and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Avon post office for such a wonderful job they do here in the valley. Here it is spring break and I just received my Christmas package postmarked Dec. 16. Just was able to pick it up today at the post office, so I think they’re doing a great job and I think the community should rally behind them, because it’s so good to support local businesses, especially this particular agency in our valley. I don’t think they could do a better job than what they’ve done in the last 10 years that I’ve lived here. Yeah, just got my Christmas present from my Grandma. Guess I won’t be needing that hand-knitted sweater that I got.Late trafficI live in Eagle in old town and I can see Highway 6 from my window. It’s kind of sad after 9:30, I don’t know how many speeders are going down Highway 6. It’s just like the cops just disappear after 9, 9:30. These late planes are coming in and these SUVs are just hauling down Highway 6. I’m glad to see my taxpayer money working at its best.Carnes criticWhy do you continue wasting precious space on this newspaper printing Richard Carnes’ opinion? Haven’t you figured it out yet? This man is a prejudiced idiot. Please stop. Richard Carnes, go away.Do what’s rightI’m calling to appeal to the person who hit my car in the parking lot of Treasures in Eagle. I believe maybe last week. To please come forward and do the right thing. I’m just heartbroken to see my PT Cruiser damaged. My name is Anita and I work at Treasures. Time to updateThis is for the Vail Rec District, who I think does a fabulous job, but they need to update their Web site, it’s ridiculous. There’s some running races at the end of last year that have no results. How are people who are just visiting here supposed to get information if all the information is so old? Please update it. Gilman plan151 houses for Gilman is what it’s zoned for. Hopefully, the people in Minturn will not let it go over 151 houses. How about the lynx? How about the elk? How about the beauty? Well, Eagle County is already wrecked. There are a couple of perfect people who live in glass houses on that council, and hopefully this project will go according to what everybody wants, not just what the people in glass houses want. Come on boys, come out of the closet, and smell the sewage.Long memoryBack in ’98 when Vail Resorts stole Minturn’s water through the power of attorneys, Minturn still hasn’t figured it out. Who made all the money? The attorneys. What do you do when you lose? If you lose a baseball game, a football game? You change the coach and some of the players. It seems to me that it’s time to get rid of some of the people who are losers in the Minturn town government.A criticWhy are you letting … Pete Buckley put articles in the paper, editorials. If he’s that much of a sore loser, why doesn’t he go back to Indiana and take his wife with him. Keep Minturn MinturnNice letter, Linda Osteberg, replying to Mr. Don Rogers, and the best comment in there – “when this project actually manifests, and it does so in the smallest, least obtrusive version of itself possible.” That’s great. Ditto. Keep Minturn Minturn, and no special privileges like the project on Taylor Street and the Enclave. Those two places are eyesores.Had your chanceToday driving through the area which is now Wal-Mart and Home Depot and along the railroad tracks, isn’t it a shame that open space money didn’t go to purchase that instead of a gravel pit.Roundabout rageTo the Texans that decide to move to Colorado. Learn how to drive. Especially in the roundabouts.Try thisYou whiney old guys complaining about the cost of skiing just have not got it figured out yet. Tell your wife to get a job selling tickets on the mountain. She gets a free pass and you get one for 25 bucks. I did. If you don’t have a wife go get one, it works. Name withheld for obvious reasons.Vail, Colorado

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