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Saved marriage!On the passing of Cliff Taylor, not all of us rue the day of the short ski. It saved my marriage vs. skiing problem when I convinced my wife, about 40 years ago, to try it out and she has been skiing ever since and is still married to me, as well. Thank you Cliff Taylor. Arthur KittayService countsFor the past few days Tipsline has carried letters or calls regarding the Vail Library. I’ve read these with concerned interest. Six years ago, when I first moved to this area, I went to the library to apply for a library card and, hopefully, be allowed to take out a book. With my rental lease, Evergreen Lodge pay stub, and California picture identification in hand – my Colorado card hadn’t arrived – I approached a librarian. Following review of these documents, she informed me I would have to leave a $500 deposit in order to borrow a book. Needless to say, I left without a book and immediately tore up the application I’d completed. That evening I stopped in at the Avon Library, where I offered the same identification, completed their application, walked out with a book and have been a steady borrower for six years. And the best part of the Avon Library is I can call or fax them, request a book and it will be at the front desk when I arrive to pick it up. In a valley that seems to pride itself on service, the Vail Library is sorely in need of a few lessons in how to treat customer and guests. How do I spell service? AVON LIBRARY!Vail, Colorado

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