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No DVD for you!Remember the Seinfeld episode of the “Soup Nazi”? This soup guy was a bit fanatical about his soup and if you didn’t follow the rules precisely, it was “No soup for you!” It reminds me every time I visit the Vail Library. Everyone is on edge. What might I do wrong this time? Who will I see get in an argument at the check-out desk today? How long will the rest of us be delayed this time? Snooze off by the fireplace? Be careful, you’ll get shaken awake. Walk in with a backpack? “You can’t have backpacks in here.” Do you want to check out a book? “Fill out these forms for the umpteenth time.” “Do you live in Vail? No? Then No DVD for you!”Taxing issueOnce again loyal employees of a local hotel have been shown just how much they’re worth. Our hotel during the hiring process boasted about the wonderful ski pass program they offered. Well now, halfway through the season, our paychecks from the hard-worked Presidents Day weekend showed an anomaly. The $400 portion of the ski pass that the hotel pays was added to our wages for the period to be taxed at a combined rate. In my case, I was actually given a nice raise this period, yet my paycheck was $150 less than the last check I received. How can this be, you ask? Well, my tax rate was bumped to a higher bracket because I earned $400 more that pay period. Well, as a result, I will not be paying my rent in full and I will need to borrow money to buy gas to get to work. Now ask, can you expect good service from an employee in this situation? Had I been told about this taxing, I may have been able to plan for it. After all, living in this valley is not cheap. Can this hotel expect to get a favorable travel rating if 50 percent of its employees had this happen to them? Wake up, Vail Valley. If you want to be the best resort in the Rockies, you need to provide that level of service. How can you do that? Get great employees and pay them what they deserve and need to sustain them in this valley. Give them what they need and they will be happy, hard-working employees. …Too muchWhy on earth is Eagle County planning to build a $2 million barn at the county fairgrounds down in Eagle? I remember when they built the grandstands for $3 million or $4 million years ago. All the sales pitch was about how they were going to use it for many different events throughout the year. That never materialized, and all they use it for is a two-week period in the summer for a rodeo that no one cares about. … This barn serves such a small segment of the population. Why not build a rec center instead? Far more citizens of Eagle and Gypsum would use a rec center than some over-priced barn. Ask the people for once, rather than making decisions based on a small but vocal Fair Board. The county commissioners are elected to represent all of the citizens, not just a select few self-serving horse owners who want a free ride.Slow down in crowdsIf a run is crowded, slow down, no matter how good a rider or skier you are. Vail, Colorado

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