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Not amusedMy call is about the bus system, which is really great except for this one driver who really likes to flash the lights on and off and listen to the music really loud and doesn’t really pay attention to driving too much. I’ve seen him driving the wrong way around the roundabout before. He just waves to everybody that drives by, blows kisses to all the girls, he’s not an entertainer, he’s a … bus driver. Drive the bus.ScapegoatsThis is in response to Rick Silverman of Vail, his letter “Fed up.” Nobody cares anymore and immigration is non-existent and all the corrupt people in the community keep hiring illegals. That’s why we need more schools, and that’s why you got ran into twice. So you have to deal with it just like the rest of us, and take all the punishment that we deserve for being good citizens. Call Tom Tancredo, call Immigration.So why have any?With three bozos for county commissioners, why on Earth would anybody want to spend over $200,000 a year more just to get two more bozos? Peter cans with Disabilities Act, and it’s discriminatory. It will be interesting to see if parents of children with disabilities and parents whose children in the Head Start and Colorado preschool programs respond to this, not to mention the state and federal regulators who will come knocking on your door with their concerns. Do you know what ACLU stands for?Customer serviceThis is quite important. I’m a local, for 23 years now, and was shopping in the Edwards area today. After a long walk with the dogs, not looking especially wealthy or anything, walked into a certain high-dollar store and was turned back by a certain person that didn’t think that I had any high-dollar value, I guess, and then all of a sudden pops up a certain person named James. He helped me, and guess what? I spent a little bit of money with them. But you know what? It’s all about customer service, and I guess I didn’t look like the clients that spend any money. Vail, Colorado

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