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Speak upTo the Eagle County School District Board: Just because a small group of Meadow Mountain parents have been vocal in getting some press regarding not closing Meadow Mountain doesn’t mean that is the consensus of all upvalley parents. Creating a junior high, sending seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders to Berry Creek Middle School is a horrible solution. Either build a new high school in Edwards or expand Battle Mountain to take over Meadow Mountain. It makes logical sense, since it is set up better for a high school campus anyway. Parents, be vocal. Don’t let the grumblings of a few Meadow Mountain parents ruin the opportunity to improve our upvalley high school. To the Meadow Mountain parents, don’t be so shortsighted. Your kids have to go to high school someday, too.Save the rodents!”But there will always be animals out at Eagle Ranch, partly because of Eagle’s efforts. The town has done a heck of a good job with trying to preserve the natural habitat,” said Bill Heicher, Eagle’s open space coordinator as quoted in your paper on Jan. 2. That is unless you are a gopher, field mouse, prairie dog, mole or other burrowing animal, which have all been gassed and killed by Eagle Ranch because the animals were supposedly spoiling the bright green lawns and the perfect greens at the golf courses developed on ranch lands. Does anyone know or care about Eagle Ranch doing this? God forbid people’s lawns or the public golf course look imperfect due to the natural activities of the animals who were there before they were. I guess Eagle Ranch and the county of Eagle has fallen into the old adage that a development is named after the species it kills off for the development. All of the bald and golden eagles who used to get their food from the land in Eagle Ranch from these rodents, too bad. No more food for them and therefore no more eagles in Eagle Ranch. RIPRest in peace, T.J. You were one of the best souls I ever knew. Rest in peace.HazardThey talk about how the people have been getting hit on the highway, I-70. There’s an accident waiting to happen on Highway 6. I don’t know who does it, but the former West Lot, the streets lights are out and it’s so dark somebody’s going to get hit there. And if you stop at a bus stop, it is so dark. What’s up with not spending some of this other money to put better lighting along the highway so that when people have to get off the bus and walk, they’re not going to get hit?Vail, Colorado

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